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International Business Research


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Looking at international business from a research point of view: databases, etc.

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International Business Research

  1. 1. IBUS 701 (Int’l Bus)IBUS 710 (Bus in China) Academic Research from the KU Libraries Lissa Lord April 2, 2012
  2. 2. Find this slideshow on the Dissertation Research Blogfrom Regents Center Library on the KU’s Edwards Campushttp://dissertationresearch.blogspot.comANDSlideShare save presentations to SlideShare for access from anywhere
  3. 3. Looking for business articles?Find a business database
  4. 4. KU Libraries http://www.lib.ku.eduSelect: Articles & Databases
  5. 5. Avoid usingthe QuickSearch forArticles. Lookfor aspecializeddatabasefocusing onyour subject ofinterest.
  6. 6. Advanced Search
  7. 7. AdvancedSearchChina &Economic &ReformSU SubjectDate Limit
  8. 8. PrintEmailFolderCiteExportPermaLinkShareExercise: find thissame article usingthe citation:E-Journals from KULibraries homepage.
  9. 9. FindingE-journalsat the Libraries
  10. 10. KU Libraries http://www.lib.ku.eduSelect: Articles & Databases
  11. 11. by title OR by alphabetical letter
  12. 12. Search by keyword ORbrowse by date
  13. 13. Business Database ABI/InformProvides abstracts of articles on business andmanagement from U.S. and international professionalpublications, academic journals, and trade magazines,and regional business publications. Full-text articles areavailable for a significant portion of journals indexed.The subscription includes access to ABI/INFORMDateline, Global, Trade & Industry, and Archive.
  14. 14. Back to the Libraries Homepage If you know the name of a database go ahead and click on the letter: A for ABI/ Inform
  15. 15. Boolean searching is like “AdvancedSearch” and can be used in mostdatabases and searches. Itenables the searcher to customize.
  16. 16. Only anabstract? Find full text?
  17. 17. A full text copy is right here fromSpringerLink. Select Article Remember you can always find full text.
  18. 18. Wall Street Journal? YES
  19. 19. Libraries Home Click on W WSJ is on the next page with the Ws.
  20. 20. Search bykeyword, etc.or click on adate.
  21. 21. Search theWall StreetJournal bykey word.
  22. 22. These two articles arenot exciting so I went tothe “Suggested Topics”and found more articles,see next slide. . .
  23. 23. Sort by date orby relevance
  24. 24. Select “Request . . .”
  25. 25. We have looked at:Business SourcePremierABI/InformBoolean searching:(china OR chinese) AND econom* AND reformE-journals at KU LibrariesWall Street JournalWebRetrieve
  26. 26. How about a really good18min video?Yes?
  27. 27. Search: China economic reform
  28. 28. Searching library databasesthrough Google ScholarHow?
  29. 29. ed u . lib .ku. /wwwhttp:/
  30. 30. We have looked at:Business SourcePremierABI/InformBoolean searching:(china OR chinese) AND econom* AND reformeJournals at KU LibrariesWall Street JournalWebRetrieveTed.comGoogle Scholar
  31. 31. SomeWebsitesfor you to look up
  32. 32. Department of State 47
  33. 33. 48
  34. 34. 49
  35. 35. Global Edge
  36. 36. globalEdge : is a web portal providing asignificant amount of information aboutinternational business, countriesaround the globe, US States, news, and 51industries.
  37. 37. Select: China Select: Corporations 52
  38. 38. World Bank
  39. 39. 54
  40. 40. CIAThe World Factbook
  41. 41. All of these websites have search windows to get you closer to where you want to be. AND most, like the World Factbook, have Apps for your phone or tablet. Don’t forget to bookmark your sources for a closer look later. 56
  42. 42. Comparis on of wo rld oil prod uction
  43. 43. That about wraps it up!Questions?Xtra Credit?Ok, look at these ;-)
  44. 44. . China Business Information Center at US Commercial Service—China page -- Global Edge-- -- Click on Multi-country. Country Analysis Briefs/From the Department of Energy -- Foreign Government Resources on the Web -- Governments on the Web -- -- Emerging Markets subject guide (Yale University) -- National Bureau of Statistics of China -- China Today -- -- Note the link INVESTMENT & STOCK. Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States/ Economic and. Commercial Counsellor’s Office… -- Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China -- Federation of International Trade Associations—China Business Guide
  45. 45. Oh, here is JohnStratton! He is thebest for businessresearch. Really, thebest!
  46. 46. Questions about this presentation?Lissa Lord llord@ku.eduRegents Center Library, Edwards CampusORJennifer Mellenbruch jmellenbruch@ku.eduRegents Center Library, Edwards Campus