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Language learning and teaching through social media


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Slides for the event "Utilizing digital technology and social media in language classes" hosted by the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Cardiff University and funded by HEA Arts and Humanities. An image based presentation with activities focusses on principles of effective social media engagement which might be applied to language teaching. Materials developed with help from Esther Barrett.

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Language learning and teaching through social media

  1. 1. Language learning and teaching through social media Lis Parcell Jisc RSC Wales #sociaith @lisparcell Cardiff University 21 March 2014
  2. 2. “Following someone on Twitter you are really interested in is good for improving your grasp of contemporary idiom! I follow Pussy Riot and it has improved my Russian no end. Only 140 characters to grapple with and I really want to know what they are saying, which always helps. Oh and the Russian for troll on Twitter comes straight from the English.”
  3. 3. Staying in touch Twitter: @lisparcell @rscwales @jisc Today’s hashtag: #sociaith Todaysmeet: Email: Diigo links: Slideshare: http://www/ Jisc
  4. 4. Image sharing and social media Some good sources of copyright-cleared images for sharing Google - image search: click on search tools>usage rights>labelled for re-use) Flickr Creative Commons Pixabay Wikimedia Commons Unsplash Advice on finding images