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What can eTwinning do for you?

Presentation given by Lisa Stevens on eTwinning and the International Dimension at Birmingham Primary Languages Conference, held at Birmingham Botanical Gardens on June 19th 2009.

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What can eTwinning do for you?

  1. 1. What can eTwinning do for you? Lisa Stevens June 19th 2009 Travel around the world by Harpagornis on Flickr
  2. 2. Overview why? ISA and other benefits! eTwinning eLanguages other ideas
  3. 3. Why? more to it than just ticking boxes... but it does tick boxes! celebrates cultures values diversity widens focus excites and enthuses
  4. 4. International Dimension part of Sustainable Schools National Framework ‘By 2020 the Government would like all schools to be models of good global citizenship, enriching their educational mission with activities that improve the lives of people living in other parts of the world.’ part of so many agendas - ECM, Community Cohesion, KS2 MFL Strategy
  5. 5. ISA ‘It is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools. It is open to all UK schools and is free of charge.’ Foundation Intermediate Full
  6. 6. ‘International activity’ ‘An international activity is a class-based activity, which can last for any duration, and should bring an international dimension to teaching and learning.’
  7. 7. Whitehouse Common
  8. 8. lots of group projects links across the world
  9. 9. More ideas... Imagiverse
  10. 10. and more..
  11. 11. Lisa Stevens