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Top tips for absorbing language learning

  1. Top tips for absorbing language learning. Lisa Stevens Education Show March 4th 2010
  3. essential kit?
  4. network
  5. y telling S tor
  6. storytelling sharing whole class involvement French slideshare Spanish slideshare independence cross phase
  7. Take Ten
  8. one for the boys.... and the girls!
  9. one for the boys.... and the girls!
  10. one for the boys.... and the girls!
  11. Using song. literacy rewrite ICU fun!
  12. Using song. literacy rewrite ICU fun!
  13. Songs are not just for singing.
  14. Songs are not just for singing.
  15. Songs are not just for singing.
  16. Rhyme Uno dos tres, CHO Uno dos tres, CO Uno dos tres, LA Uno dos tres, TE Bate bate chocolate Bate bate chocolate song and text clip song phonics literacy oracy ICU
  17. lots with little lego colour bricks by 713Avenue
  18. increase confidence
  19. creativity
  20. animation
  21. ICT
  22. Voicethread
  23. Make links
  24. U IC from Flickr by San Jose Library from Flickr by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  25. have fun
  26. Lisa Stevens Lisibo Ltd. Ltd.

Editor's Notes

  1. Is this what you think you should have under your desk? what would you put in it? tissues? dictionary? bottle of wine? chocolate?
  2. what’s in my magic bag? bag itself - microphone - cuddly toy - shoe / ball - hoop - big finger - Easispeaks - Blutak - whiteboards and pens - puppets GAME - cards in bags
  3. use what’s around you. what could you use here? carpet - calendar - cuddlies - big books - bus - birthday chart - chair
  4. MFL resources Talkabout PMFL - Twitter ALL - local branches support from colleagues PRIMARYLANGUAGES@MAILTALK.AC.UK
  5. Storytelling - appeals to all ages! familiar allows use of unfamiliar language - kids can actually deduce meaning as well as structures etc online stories - find them -gfl /resources sites ; make your own using Storybird / iMovie or Photostory / ppt etc PUPPET Activity??
  6. embed - bury your head in a wall or make something beautiful? Planets El Baile Olimpico? PE - eg next all sorts of places - West Sussex grid / Miró /
  7. SAvez vous plantez les choux? game from spanish one
  8. don’t reinvent the wheel! Share! Wikis
  9. Cultural understanding motivation activities
  10. Cultural understanding motivation activities
  11. Cultural understanding motivation activities
  12. not about learning lists of words but about what pupils can do with them. pupils pick up structures from songs and stories - importance of transferrable knowledge - equally important skills across the curriculum
  13. RLN Teachers Talking Fr / Sp Primary Languages site -
  14. being encouraged to be creative let’s get to it! Animoto plasticine use classroom use holiday snaps
  15. animating - cross curricular simple stories
  16. teach not tech such an advantage to us all sorts of tools Voki / Avatars - Build your wildself / soundrecording /
  17. eTwinning eLanguages ISA
  18. Intercultural understanding - sooo important! use events that are current Tomatina - Fallas
  19. if you have fun, theyll have fun!