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Let out for good behaviour


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Presentation by Lisa Stevens on ideas for taking learning out of the classroom, delivered at ILILC3 at University of Southampton, February 9th and 10th 2013

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Let out for good behaviour

  1. 1. Let out for good behaviourLisa Stevens #ililc3
  2. 2. Let me out!
  3. 3. GamesCounting games e.g.Puntos de contacto,Pañuelo, AbuelitaBalancear en el bancoCharadesUNICEF
  4. 4. Games - indoor out Running dictation Human sentences Human words
  5. 5. Steve A JohnsonUse chalk
  6. 6. US militaryAssault courses
  7. 7. QR codesHow to... create andreadSwiss Quizlabelslocal area
  8. 8. Scavenger huntdictionaryalphabetspecific vocabulary
  9. 9. Buscar algo....
  10. 10. arbrepoubelle herbe
  11. 11. Huntzz appCreate Huntzz foryour local area, oraround your schooliOS and Android
  12. 12. German prepositions“out of the ordinary”taskdemonstratesunderstanding Wo oder wohin?
  13. 13. Flickr by Tokyolunchbut it’s raining...
  14. 14. Get out of theclassroom - virtually!international linkse.g. eTwinning,Comeniuswebcams, appswebsites
  15. 15. Mysteries with GoogleMaps (With thanks to Vincent Everett) Prevent a murder occurring in Châteauneuf-du-Faou Safeguard a retired spy in Baru
  16. 16. PlacespottingICUsolving clues in otherlanguagesposing questions foreach other
  17. 17. Toursschoollocal areaQR codes From Flickr - AZAdam
  18. 18. Be inspired by outdoors
  19. 19. Traditions
  20. 20. Lisa Stevens lisibo@me.comhttp://lisibo.comTwitter - Apple Education Mentor Ltd APD consultant