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Q3evaluation updated

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Q3evaluation updated

  1. 1. What have we learned from our target audience feedback?
  2. 2. Focus GroupsAt different points during and after construction, we gathered a focus group to watch and feedback on our video. We created some paper surveys for our TA to fill out. We gave them to a mixture of males and females all around the age of 16-18. But according to McDougall’s theory an audience ‘is just a hypothetical group of people imagined for the sole purpose of having a target audience.’ This means what they say isn’t entirely relevant to how we could improve our video. The three males who completed the survey said the video would not be likely to encourage them to buy the album and other products, whereas the majority of the females said they would definitely buy other products by the artist based on this video. This shows us that the video appeals more to the female audience which is what we we were aiming for so the techniques such as mise en scene and storyline we used to try and appeal to the females worked well.
  3. 3. None of the males we asked understood the narrative of the video but some did understand the main concept of it, whereas the females all wrote down their different interpretations and a lot of them said their favourite parts of the video were the powder paint shots and performance. This links to Morely’s theory that different people view things in different ways. Although all of the feedback we got were from people of the same age because some were males it gave us a range of interpretations on our video. Our focus group feedback helped to clarify that we have done the right editing and mise en scene techniques to target the young female audience we intended to. However the males also liked the video and performance shots, the star image was voyeuristic at times so this could support Mulvey’s “male gaze” theory.
  4. 4. YouTube comments This a comment we got on YouTube for our video, although it doesn't’t show the age of the person who commented on it, they did like it which was very reassuring to us.
  5. 5. Focus Group 2Once we had finished our video we gathered a small group of girls together in our age range to watch our video. They gave us a lot of comments on it, there was a lot of positive reinforcement. They understood the narrative in the video. They also understood it was meant to be a happy song, they said they got this from the upbeat tempo and all of the shots we have of her smiling. Our focus group said ‘she is a believable star’ which is what we were aiming for. They also said they loved the powder paint which helped in creating our digipak and advert because we knew from them the target audience would love to see that in both ancillary products too.
  6. 6. At the start we were unsure about having performance shots in our video, we wanted to break that convention. But from our first TA research they said they did like performance shots. As we added more in and got more feedback from our audience we learnt that they really liked them because it helps them connect more with the star. After this we added lots of performance shots now we have almost a 50;50 split between narrative and performance shots. Hartley said that texts ‘need not only to represent audiences but to enter into relation with them.’ Personally I feel our video does represent our audience, it’s all about heartbreak but having fun with your friends and forgetting about it which all females go through at some point in their life. Focus Group 2
  7. 7. Feedback on Facebook We both uploaded a YouTube link to our Facebook to get feedback. Most of the feedback we did get was from our 16-21 year old female TA. Between the two posts, 16 people liked the link meaning they had watched the video and enjoyed it. I received a personal message from an 18 year old female saying she enjoyed the colours and the video was captivating. It is encouraging that members of our TA have positive things to say about the video.