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Introducing a friend


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Published in: Education
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Introducing a friend

  1. 1. INTRODUCING A FRIEND Preparation Do this exercise before you listen. Cricle the best option for what people normally say when they first meet. 1. Hi, it’s Pablo / Hi, I’m Pablo. 2. Hi. Who are you? / Hi. How are you? 3. Where are you? / Where are you from? 4. You are nice. / Nice to meet you. 1. Check your understanding: gap fill Do this exercise while you listen. Complete the gaps with the correct name Greta Sumi 1. Sumi introduces Greta to Pablo. 2. Greta is German. 3. Pablo is Argentinian. 2. Check your undertanding: gap fill Do this exercise while you listen.Write the words to fill the gaps. Sumi: Hi, Pablo. How are you? Pablo: Hi, Sumi. I’m fine, thanks. Sumi: Pablo, this is Greta. Pablo: Hi, Greta. I’m Pablo. Greta: Hi. How are you? Pablo: I’m fine, thanks. Where are you from, Greta? Greta: I’m from Germany. Where are you from? Pablo: I’m from Argentina. Nice to meet you. Pablo
  2. 2. Greta: Nice to meet you too. Discussion What questions do you like to ask when you meet new people? I ussually ask:What is your name?, How are you?,Do you like music? What kind?