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Johnny The Green School Hero


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Story with a possitive message about recycling and that a real hero is not the one with super powers but the one who makes a difference.

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Johnny The Green School Hero

  1. 1. JohnnyThe GreenSchool HeroBy: Liseth Cordero V.
  2. 2. Johnny The Green School HeroOnce upon a time there was a little kidnamed Johnny who was a friend of thenature and a green hero in the schoolwhere he studied. He was a herobecause this small school was very uglyand dirty and he started to create allkinds of things to make it prettier andcleaner.
  3. 3. But, one day his parents decidedto move to a different country, soour little friend was going to be ina new, big and different school.
  4. 4. He was very excited with this ideasince he thought that as this schoolwas bigger than the other one, it wasgoing to be very pretty and clean.However, when Johnny got to hisnew school, this one was verydirty, there was garbageeverywhere, the other kids werethrowing the garbageoutside the bins and they didn’tcare.
  5. 5. Johnny was really sad watching allthe indifference from teachers andstudents that he sat and started totalk alone saying: “Why is thatpeople do not care about theplanet?, Don’t they know that this isthe only one we have to live?, Isn’t itbetter to come out side to recessand breath fresh air and not all thistrash?, What is happening to thispeople?.
  6. 6. And a little voice was heard answering: “I knowthis is very sad, I don’t like it either. But what canwe do? So Johnny turned and saw a girl who wasas sad as him, and he said: “I have an idea”. Thegirl said: “I’m Angie by the way, and I want tohelp”.
  7. 7. So Johnny and Angie started tolook for help with their parentsand neighbors and they foundsome big bins and they paintedall with different colors and theytook them to the school and putthem in different places with bigsigns: ALUMINUM CANS, PLASTICBOTTLES, ORGANIC TRASH, andTETRA-BRIK. The signs were veryfunny and the other kids werecharmed by them.
  8. 8. Johnny and Angie ran to thecans when they were in recessand they started to teach theother kids the purpose of thisbins. By the end of a week, theschool was cleaner, the kidsenjoyed using the cans andJohnny and Angie were veryhappy.
  9. 9. Then Johnny started to plan a lot of campaigns inthe school to recycle newspapers, and cans andthe professors understood that this was a goodcause so they started to help Johnny on all hisideas, and Johnny became again the Green Heroof the school.
  10. 10. The last day of the year Johnny sat with Angieoutside and they said at the same time: What anice breath of fresh air! And they both laugh andenjoyed playing with their friends.
  11. 11. JohnnyThe Green School Hero