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Welcome to IWMW 2010

  1. Brian Kelly & Marieke Guy UKOLN University of Bath Bath, UK Welcome to the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010 UKOLN is supported by: This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence (but note caveat) Acceptable Use Policy Recording this talk, taking photos, discussing the content using Twitter, blogs, etc. is permitted providing distractions to others is minimised. Twitter: Email: [email_address] [email_address] Blogs: Twitter: #iwmw10 #p0
  2. Back in 1997….
  3. Photo from Times Online X
  5. Over the next 13 years….
  7. IWMW Community
  8. Today….
  9. 2010
  10. Cuts Climate Chaos Global Recession Cuts Cuts
  11. Photo from Guardian Online 3 July 2010 X
  12. The Future….?
  13. Innovation? #eureka
  14. Community?
  15. Openness?
  16. Linked Data?
  17. Digital Preservation?
  18. Remote & Amplified Events?
  19. Can we find a way out?
  20. Let IWMW 2010 Begin!

Editor's Notes

  1. We are suffering from the challenges of abundance provided by the Web 2.0 services We are seeing significant changes in how our community is working cf statistics in usage of JISCMail lists
  2. in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise philosophy at Middlesex was ranked a very impressive 14th out of all philosophy submissions...The university, it seems, has made its decision on the grounds that the department is not financially viable. Accordingly, the university has decided to concentrate its resources in areas where a better return is available."