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Let's Predict the Future: G2 Open Badges


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Slides on "Let's Predict the Future: Open Badges" for a workshop session on "Predicting the Future" held on 3 June 2014 at the SAOIM 2014 conference in Pretoria, South Africa and facilitated by Brian Kelly, Cetis.


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Let's Predict the Future: G2 Open Badges

  1. 1. G: Emerging Technological Trends Let’s Predict the Future! A half-day workshop at the SAOIM 2014 conference held on Tuesday 3 June 2014 facilitated by Brian Kelly, Cetis Slides available under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY) 1 G2: Let’s Predict the Future: Digital Badges
  2. 2. What Are (Digital) Badges? Digital badges: • A validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments. They aim to provide: • Motivation to Participate: they offer a new pathway of lifelong learning separate from traditional, formalised academic pathways. • Motivation to Collaborate: they promote active, engaged involvement. • Recognition and Assessment: badges can recognize quality or demonstrate community approval • Alternative Credentials: may be a potential challenger to the dominant paradigm of diplomas in higher education 2 See
  3. 3. Evidence of their Significance We are now seeing: • Events on badges e.g. Online Conference 2013 on MOOCs, badges and OER • MOOCS on badges e.g. Badges as New Currency for Credentials • Global organisations overseeing developments of badges infrastructure i.e. 3
  4. 4. A Sceptical Perspective After initial participation in the Hyperlinked Library MOOC I had received badges for: • Asking someone to be a friend • Accepting a friendship request • Deleting a private message • Writing 5 blog posts • Comments on 5 blog posts (“I agree”) • Receiving 5 badges 4 Some concerns: • Are badges trivial • Are they just for kids? • Will kids care? My GetGlue badge – a social sharing TV app (motivates watching TV!) See “Initial Reflections on The Hyperlinked Library MOOC & the Badges I Have Acquired”
  5. 5. Thoughts If you wish to convince others of the importance of new technologies: • Be prepared to hear criticisms and concerns (both legitimate and unlikely concerns) • Try to address the concerns 5 For example see post on “Assignment 2: Emerging Technology Planning” on Hyperlinked Library MOOC blog which illustrates how I intend to evaluate the potential of badges whilst addressing concerns I’ve raised through use of a risk assessment approach.
  6. 6. Questions Any questions? 6