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D2: Group Exercise: Future Technologies and Their Applications


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Slides for a 1-day workshop on "Future Technologies and Their Applications" facilitated by Brian Kelly and Tony Hirst at the ILI 2013 conference on Monday 14 October 2013.


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D2: Group Exercise: Future Technologies and Their Applications

  1. 1. Future Technologies and Their Applications A one-day workshop at ILI 2013 facilitated by Brian Kelly and Tony Hirst Twitter hashtag: #ili2013fut Available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY licence) 1 D2: Predicting Technology Trends: Making The Case
  2. 2. Important to You – But What Are The Next Steps? You have identified technologies / technology-related areas which you feel will be important in your area of work. Next steps: • Identify the implications of the technologies • Assess the associated risks • Make a case to senior management for further related work 2
  3. 3. A Planning Template (1) From the Hyperlinked Library MOOC Planning template used in assignment 2: • Goals/Objectives for the technology • Action Brief Statement:  Convince ______ that by _______ they will ________ which will ________ because _______. • Mission, Guidelines & Policy • Funding considerations • Evaluation • … 3
  4. 4. A Planning Template (2) The Need to Explicitly Address Risks From “Risks and Opportunities Framework for Exploiting the Social Web” by Kelly & Oppenheim: • Summarise risks • Summary risks of not adopting technology • Summarise strategies for minimising (or accepting) risks • Document biases and prejudices • Evidence base 4
  5. 5. Group Exercise You have an opportunity make a case to a senior management need which has funding to explore innovative technologies. In your groups: • Select one of the technologies identified previously • Prepare a case for funding based on the templates • Give a presentation of < 5 minutes Note only one submission can be funded! 5
  6. 6. Questions Any questions? 6