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Scerts team collaboration wiki


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Published in: Education
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Scerts team collaboration wiki

  1. 1. SCERTS Team Collaboration Wiki Spring 2014 Needs Assessment Survey: Cobb County elementary AU teachers, SLP’s, and OT’s Thanks for taking time to give us your ideas. The Cobb County Schools are planning to provide SCERTS Team Training for developing and implementing a Web 2.0 site to strengthen team collaboration. Thequarterly training will not be focusing on curriculum/instruction, but rather on how the SCERTS team can create program continuity, work together, make team decisions, and implement the SCERTS model with support and skill. 1. How has your SCERTS Team functioned this school year? Great Not Great NA 2. What have been the positive aspects of the team's work? Collaborating Resource Sharing Support and Information 3. What have been the problems encountered? Lack of materials Lack of team support No classroom model 4. Do you know the roles of the school site persons on your SCERTS team? Yes No 5. Do you think an individually designed SCERTS team Web 2.0 tool (wiki, blog, or website) would improve the collaborative work relationships of the school site team members? YES! What is a wiki? No 6. Number those topics (1 – 5) that would be of priority interest to your school's SCERTS team: ______ How SCERTS teams impact student achievement ______ How to integrate SCERTS, technology and the common core ______ Individual SCERTS team Q & A In-Service ______ Finding Time for Improvement Work ______ Building of the SCERTS Team and Maintaining Momentum