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If You're A Journalism Major, You Have a Choice


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Placeblogger has ten interview slots each semester, from which we hire two students who work together as a team at Placeblogger's office in Cambridge, MA.

All interns get interview slots by tweeting us links via Twitter.

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If You're A Journalism Major, You Have a Choice

  1. 1. Interested in the future of journalism? placeblogger
  2. 2. Screenshot of Placeblogger placeblogger
  3. 3. Concerned about shrinking newsroom jobs? placeblogger
  4. 4. placeblogger
  5. 5. Come work with a news startup! placeblogger
  6. 6. Penguins placeblogger
  7. 7. Placeblogger is the largest searchable index of local weblogs placeblogger
  8. 8. Placeblogger World HQ! (Yeah, we’re right in Kendall Square.) placeblogger
  9. 9. These scrappy “new newsrooms” are growing and thriving at a time conventional newsrooms are having layoffs or even shutting down entirely placeblogger
  10. 10. placeblogger
  11. 11. Let’s make them great. Really great. placeblogger
  12. 12. If you’re a journalism major, you have a choice placeblogger
  13. 13. Keep Calm & Don’t Panic placeblogger
  14. 14. Or placeblogger
  15. 15. Get Excited & Make Things placeblogger
  16. 16. Placeblogger is looking for two interns placeblogger
  17. 17. We only hire people with a blog, a Facebook account, and tons of attitude placeblogger
  18. 18. If you don’t have one of these, get one immediately. Hustle counts. placeblogger
  19. 19. Want in? placeblogger
  20. 20. Send a message to Placeblogger CEO & founder Lisa Williams on Twitter (@lisawilliams) placeblogger
  21. 21. with a link to a site you think is completely amazing. placeblogger
  22. 22. “Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again.” placeblogger