Intro to Creating Online Courses


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A brief introduction to the creating better online courses for college/university instructors. First in a series of slideshows from a workshop presented by Lisa Smsuz (see me on LinkedIn:

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Intro to Creating Online Courses

  1. 1. Good Morning!
  2. 2. WARNING: This workshop will be a CONVERSATION not a LECTURE. Audience Participation is REQUIRED.
  3. 3. I Ice Breakers
  4. 4. What is your name? What on-line class are you creating? Answer the following multiple choice question: Imagine you have some great news to share with friends, how do you tell them about it? A) Write them a note B) Write them an email C) Send out a Tweet
  5. 5. What do you EXPECT to learn here?
  6. 6. Technology ≠ Teaching
  7. 7. Teaching + Technology
  8. 8. Content Design Tools What Why How you you you say say it say it
  9. 9. Practice what you preach? Pay attention to both the content and the form This workshop series models the techniques and tools discussed.
  10. 10. For example, in this module, I: Talk to you before trying to teach you anything. Use images to illustrate concepts. Talk to you directly instead of using abstract language. Use simple language and short sentences. (Lots of Words ≠ Lots of Learning) Attempt to incorporate humor (with mixed results). Combine video, text, images, and live discussion/lecture. Give you a map of what you will learn, before we begin.
  11. 11. More importantly, I did NOT: Use a PowerPoint Template (boring!) Inundate you with text. Tell you EVERYTHING I know in one presentation. Use lots of animations and snazzy transitions. Feel compelled to create EVERYTHING myself. (more on this “open source” content concept this afternoon) Try to dazzle you with technology. (Maybe tomorrow … )
  12. 12. CONTENT & DESIGN: Morning “What Should I do?” Menu Where are you at now? Make sure everyone is welcome in your class. The “P-word” Designing for online
  13. 13. CONTENT & DESIGN: “How do I do it?” Afternoon Menu Where to find content: It’s not plagiarism, It’s “Open Source” How to write content that your students will actually read. Q&A
  14. 14. Technology ≠ Teaching BUT …
  15. 15. TOOLS: Morning “What Should I do?” Menu What is Web 2.0? Overview of Tools Blogs, Vlogs, Wikis and other things you can’t pronounce. Is it weird in here, or is it just me? Using Virtual Worlds
  16. 16. TOOLS: “How do I do it?” Afternoon Menu It’s all about you! WORKSHOP TO IMPLEMENT Q&A