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i-light demo


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A brief introduction to

Published in: Technology, Design
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i-light demo

  1. 1. i-lighter puts a link in the tool bar. Click the link to open the pull-down menu.
  2. 2. Select “Start i-lighting” to be highlighting text on the webpage.
  3. 3. Move your cursor just like a highlighter to select the text you want to save.
  4. 4. To add a sticky note, select “Add i-note.” Click the post-it on the highlighted text.
  5. 5. A text box will appear below the highlighted area. Type away!
  6. 6. To save your highlight and note, select “Save to Folder…”
  7. 7. First select the folder you want, then click “Set Save Folder”
  8. 8. Your text and notes are saved for later review. Note the webpage is also saved at the top.