Search Strategies, Tips & Tricks (Culture/Generational)


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This slide show will demonstrate some strategies and search tricks to help you with your research.

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Search Strategies, Tips & Tricks (Culture/Generational)

  1. 1. Search Strategies Before You Start
  2. 2. Keywords Think of all PossibilitiesIntercultural Ideas: Intergenerational Ideas• Haiti, Haitian, Haitians • Great Depression• Culture • 1930s• Customs • Greatest generation• Social life • G.I. generation• Other words, phrases • Dust bowl related to what you • Other words, phrases would like to focus on. related to what you would like to focus on.
  3. 3. Keywords (Search Words)Use a thesaurus / subject guideThese can give you ideas for additionalkeywords or phrases.
  4. 4. Keywords (Search Words)Talk to others (friends, family, instructors,librarians…)
  5. 5. Begin SearchingUse your keywords in different combinations.Watch for more words and phrases that couldbe useful. (Often you stumble upon greatwords duringyour search!
  6. 6. Search Tricks• No matter where you search: – Library Databases – The Library Catalog – The Internet• Many of these “tricks” will apply.
  7. 7. Boolean Searching holidays traditions holidays traditionsAND = All results about traditions and holidays OR = Results on either traditions or holidays (not necessarily both) traditions holidays Not = Results on traditions, but not if they mention holidays.
  8. 8. A sample search screen:The article must include the phrase, “day of the dead”Plus, it must include at least one of these words/phrases: mexico – mexican – “latin america”But if recipes are mentioned, then those articles shouldnot be included!
  9. 9. Phrases• Are you looking for words appearing together? – Put the words “in quotes” to find that exact phrase!
  10. 10. Look for Limiting OptionsThe Catalog… Other library databases… And even with web search engines like Google!
  11. 11. Truncation/Wildcard Symbols Use symbols to search for various forms of a word. (Symbols may be different in different databases!)Example: haiti* Example: wom?n• Haiti • woman• Haitian • women• Haitians
  12. 12. Limit your Fields• Limit where you are searching if you need to narrow or increase your results.
  13. 13. Frustration? ASK US! Visit the library and speak to the librarian at the reference desk. Make an appointment with a librarian. Call or e-mail.