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Science direct advanced features

  1. 1. ScienceDirect Advanced Features
  2. 2. Create an Account To take advantage of ScienceDirect’s personalized features, you will need to Register for a new account (or log in if you already have done this).
  3. 3. Create an Account Complete the registration form to register, and then log in to your account.
  4. 4. Save Search Alert To be alerted when new articles match one of your favorite searches, run your search, and then select Save as a search alert.
  5. 5. Save Search Alert Assign a name to the search alert, and then select Save Alert.
  6. 6. Save Search Alert You will see a red message letting you know that the alert was saved properly. To review search alerts (or any alerts) select My alerts from the top menu.
  7. 7. Save Search Alert Any saved alerts can be deleted, updated, or re-run. Note that the search is also available as an RSS feed.
  8. 8. Save A Search Searches can also be saved without creating an alert. Perform your search, and then select Save this search.
  9. 9. Save A Search A red message should appear, letting you know that the search was saved.
  10. 10. Save A Search To access saved searches, return to the ScienceDirect home page, and select Recall Saved Searches.
  11. 11. Save A Search A saved search can be completely rerun, or it can look only for articles that have become available since the last time it was run. To do this, select your search and then select Retrieve new articles.
  12. 12. Save A Search In this example, the search was run for new articles just minutes after it was created, and so no new articles were found.
  13. 13. Journal Alert For new alerts on your favorite publications, select Publications from the top menu.
  14. 14. Journal Alert If you know the title of your publication, search for it under Journal/Book title at the top. To browse journals by subject, select a subject on the list at left…
  15. 15. Journal Alert Avoid frustration by taking advantage of the limiters provided. • Uncheck All Books if you’re specifically interested in journals. • Check Full-text access if you only want to see journals that FSU has access to. Select Limit to after making any selections.
  16. 16. Journal Alert Click on the title you’re interested in…
  17. 17. Journal Alert Browse issues at the left to see what is currently available. Select Alert me about new articles at the top to set up a journal alert.
  18. 18. Journal Alert After setting up a journal alert, the text at the top of the journal page will say that you’re Signed up for new article alerts.
  19. 19. Topic Alerts Another feature that may be helpful is to set up topic alerts. Select MyAlerts to access this option.
  20. 20. Topic Alerts In the Topic Alerts section, select Add/Delete topic alerts.
  21. 21. Topic Alerts Select a subject category from the drop down list.
  22. 22. Topic Alerts Then, check as many sub-topics as you’re interested in.
  23. 23. Topic Alerts All of your selections will appear on the Topic Alerts list, and can be removed if needed.
  24. 24. OneSearch ScienceDirect journals are included in the OneSearch interface. Be sure to use the find it button to locate the full-text of the articles.
  25. 25. OneSearch
  26. 26. OneSearch