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HACC Catalog - Finding Career Books


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HACC Catalog - Finding Career Books

  1. 1. Searching for books aboutCareers in the HACC Catalog
  2. 2. BooksWhen searching the HACC Catalog:The key phrase to use is: vocational guidanceThis appears on most books andvideos related to career research!
  3. 3. BooksWe have books related to specificfields…
  4. 4. Books (and more) As well as videos!
  5. 5. Books (and more)Click the Holdings tab to learn the location and status (availability)of the book.Click the Request It! Button to have book delivered from anothercampus.
  6. 6. Books (and more) Reference books often cover a broader range of career interests…
  7. 7. Books (and more) (Some York Campus reference books)
  8. 8. Books (and more) And some books look at different aspects of career research.
  9. 9. Books (and more) College guides. (However - College web sites are best source for specific, up-to-date info)