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Finding Books in the New HACC Catalog


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Quick tour of the HACC Catalog.

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Finding Books in the New HACC Catalog

  1. 1. HACC Library Catalog
  2. 2. The Catalog Catalog Advanced Search Screen
  3. 3. The Catalog • Enter keywords next to words/phrase. • Look in specific fields like title • Use limiters to narrow your search.
  4. 4. The Catalog Search Results These will give you basic information about the item. Narrow your list using subject suggestions at right.
  5. 5. The CatalogClick the title or cover picture for more information about anitem.
  6. 6. The CatalogFull RecordUse tabs to find additional information.
  7. 7. The CatalogFull View TabSummary information, may include table of contents.
  8. 8. The CatalogHoldings TabLocation and availability.Note the location and call number if the item is available inyour campus library.If available in a different library, you can request delivery.
  9. 9. The Catalog Summary & Reviews Tab Additional summary information of book, including book reviews.
  10. 10. The Catalog Request item from another campus. Use the Request It! Button.
  11. 11. The CatalogEnter your HACC ID & PIN, select your campus library, clickplace hold.If you get a successful hold message, then watch yourHAWKMail for a message saying that your item is available.
  12. 12. The Catalog Get help with your citation formatting by using the Cite It! button
  13. 13. The CatalogFind your style in the list to see recommended citation formatfor your item.Review these carefully! (Don’t blindly copy and paste.)