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Get To Know QMI - Roll-a-way


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Roll-a-way shutters is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualitas Manufacturing Inc. (QMI) Security Solutions. QMI is a twenty-four year old company specializing in security shutters. Rollaway has manufactured and installed roll shutters throughout Florida and the east coast for 50+ years as home security shutters, security doors, and rollaway shutters for retractable screen doors and sliding screen doors.

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Get To Know QMI - Roll-a-way

  1. 1. Get to Know
  2. 2. Get to Know
  3. 3. Our security shutters protect storefronts, mallstores and other retail and commercialbuildings.
  4. 4. Our security shutters safeguard pharmacies,fast food places and concession stands.
  5. 5. Our security shutters provide an attractiveclosure for kiosks, countertops andinformation windows.
  6. 6. Our security shutters lock away medicalrecords, cigarettes, jewelry, electronics andother valuable commodities in patented cases.
  7. 7. Our security shutters weatherproof homes andbusinesses against heavy rain, hail, snow andhurricane-force winds.
  8. 8. Our security shutters protect JC Penneyin Beaumont Texas.
  9. 9. Who We Are30+ years of expertise16,000+ security shuttersinstalled last year10+ Fortune 500companies and 130+ topchain stores amongcustomersPossess a nationwidedealer networkReliable and customer-driven
  10. 10. QMI ValuesPrecise engineeringPersonal attention toconstructionStrict quality controlRigorous performancetestsContinuous research anddevelopmentQuick turnaround times,from order to delivery
  11. 11. Now you know QMI,get to know our shutters.
  12. 12. Complements architectureor interior designStandard and customcolorsProfiles in various securitylevels and strengthWithstands daily usePatented End Retentionslat technologyUnnoticeable when up,attractive when downGeneral Shutter Features
  13. 13. Rolling Shutters and GrillesMount directly on storefront or framed wallRoll up into small coil housing (square, roundand 45° shapes)Solid or Vision Profiles (punched slat patterns)
  14. 14. Locks with slide bolt or key lockHelps pharmacies meet state regulationsfor securityAesthetically pleasingCustom designs to meet size requirements
  15. 15. Patented roll-down product casesEasy to operate and lockCustom designs availableRolls up out of sight
  16. 16. The QMI Hurricane Shutter–withstands 200 mph windsApproved by:Dade CountyFlorida Building CodeTexas Department of InsuranceInternational Building CodeInternational Residential Building Code
  17. 17. One of the mostversatile profilesCan be punched forvision (5 styles)Patented retentionsystemColors: White,brown, ivory, beige,bronze and anodizedShutter Materials:Extruded/Single WallAL6AL6
  18. 18. Push-Up/Pull-DownoperationFinger pull slats foreasy useIn-curtain locks orbottom locks withremovable coresPatented SpringStops cushionshutter from bangingat the topShutter Operation
  19. 19. Manual strap3-1 strap crankPole crankMotor operatedOther Shutter Controls
  20. 20. Our LocationItasca,
  21. 21. Thank You