Twitter tips for newbies


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How to get started on Twitter to meet other businesses, customers and connections.

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Twitter tips for newbies

  1. 1. Twitter Tips for Newbies Twitter is a great way to meet other businesses, customers and connections online! On Facebook you most likely already know them…By Lisa,, March 2012
  2. 2. Why Twitter?• According to Comscore Twitter ranks right behind Facebook with 35.4 million unique visitors that spend an average of 24.4 minutes on Twitter itself.• Twitter currently has 100 million users a month.• Twitter is currently seeing 5 billion Tweets every 5 days. That’s 1 billion tweets a day!
  3. 3. How To Prepare Your Account• You need a logo or an icon - a small square size is best. If you are having it made up it should be 73x73 pixels.• A background image or creative thought up – You can use any image as your tile image for the background or have one made up professionally.• Have your profile carefully put together – so when others find you they’ll want to follow. You are allowed up to 160 characters and it can include your web address or your “about page” of your website.
  4. 4. Start Following and Tweet• Now you need to follow some folks – find some in your niche, your area or possible customers• If you niche is broad – start on Twiends (A quick way to get some followers)• Start tweeting – Don’t always tweet about your business or products, you can tweet quotes or interesting stories related to your niche from the news or blogs (Only 25% of the time or less should be about you otherwise its called push marketing)• Re-Tweet – Tweeps love to re-tweeted and you’ll catch their attention and they may tweet you back (Tweet Love)
  5. 5. Twitter Language• Hashtags – look like this #food #restaurants #RI – makes it easy for others to follow or sometimes folks will search via hashtags for tweets. Friday is popular for #FF and #FollowFriday• RT – Re-Tweet Always use RT@lisapatb if you are to re-tweet me. Folks on Twitter love to be RT’d• @ is the symbol to use before anyone’s Twitter Handle• DM – A Direct message you may send on Twitter or receive – you can also send direct messages to those that follow you too• OH – Overheard – Someone is posting what they overhead Today’s Hashtag #TwitterLesson
  6. 6. Tweet HereSuggestions
  7. 7. Twitter Lists• You can create up to 10 lists on Twitter• Add twitterers to your list – For example I have lists for : local, weather, media, social, SEO, bloggers, etc. You can get creative with your list names too.• Great to use when you have a lot of follows you can just view tweets from your lists or if you are looking for something special like local during a local event• You can also subscribe to others list and others can subscribe to yours unless you make it private
  8. 8. Next Lesson – How to Save Time• The Buffer App• Follow Friday App• Hootsuite• Tweetdeck• And More!
  9. 9. Questions?