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How The Buffer App Can Help You On Social Media


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How using the buffer can help you excel on Twitter and Facebook, getting you more clicks, more followers and less people unfollowing you by timing your posts.

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How The Buffer App Can Help You On Social Media

  1. 1. How The Buffer App Can Help You on Twitter and Facebook Increase Your Followers and Do Not Lose Any Followers When You Time Your Posts Via The Buffer AppInspireToThrive, May 2012
  2. 2. You Can Log in via Twitter, Facebook or Email - Your Choice
  3. 3. Buffer Settings
  4. 4. Buffer Timing – The Most Important StepYou Get 10 With FREE Version
  5. 5. How To Know Best Time? There Are Other Tools to Use: • Social Bro – Which Integrates with The Buffer Application • Tweriod – Quick and Easy Both are FREE as is the Buffer! The Free Buffer gives you 10 postings a dayBuffer also has a pro version for $10/mo. (50 Posts per day and 6 social accounts) and premium for $99/mo. (Unlimited posts and social accounts per day)
  6. 6. Empty Buffer – Ready to Fill
  7. 7. You Can Use Suggest A Post Orange Option & You’ll See Quotes, Pick The One You Like!
  8. 8. Make Sure You Indicate Twitter or Facebook, The One Highlighted With Green Under It Is Where It Will Go
  9. 9. You Can Integrate With WP Blogs Digg Digg Sharing Buttons
  10. 10. Even More Ways To The Buffer• Google Calendars• Google Reader• Evernote• Twylah• Ifttt• RSS Urls• Instagram Picture Links There is almost no end to using it… Check out their blog for updates!