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InfoRecall - Personal Information Organizer


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The presentation illustrates about InfoRecall software which can be used for organizing information and data of your computer. Official website-

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InfoRecall - Personal Information Organizer

  1. 1. Personal Information Manager InfoRecall
  2. 2. All about InfoRecall Specification: InfoRecall is the professional Personal Information Manager, which is skilled to capture data and make them available whenever and wherever they needed. Features  Easy to use  Limitless uses  Support Hypertext & Hyperlinks  Speedy searching  Multi-User access  Export data to PDF, RTF, TXT & HTML
  3. 3. InfoRecall - Free Download CNET Download Compatibility: Support 32/64 bit Windows 7 & 8 Direct Download
  4. 4. InfoRecall Official Websites:
  5. 5. InfoRecall Screenshot