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Personal Introduction
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Personal Introduction Document In Word


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Personal Introduction Document In Word

  1. 1. Personal Introduction “Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own” -Carol Burnett Who am I as a teacher? I look forward to the daily conversations, triumphs and joys that coincide with the life of a teacher. After completing my Master’s Degree in Written Communication at Eastern Michigan University, I knew that working with college writers would be both an exciting and rewarding opportunity to share my passion and knowledge of writing. My approach to teaching writing is one based on communication, collaboration and great consideration for one’s own ideas about themselves and the world around them. From writing out a grocery list to sending the boss an important memo, writing has infiltrated our daily lives and is necessary to effectively communicate in today’s society. With the need for proficient writing skills in our current culture at Teaching writing is my its peak, my passion! goal as an educator is not only to prepare students to partake in the world through strong writing and communication skills, but also through meaningful technologies so that they too may become digital citizens. Who am I as a learner? Like many other learners, I learn best when I can actively communicate ideas and thoughts to others. Generating discussions to help further learning is one of the most useful tools I value as a learner and a technique I also integrate into my teaching practices. After reading a text or analyzing an idea, discussing concepts with others helps me think deeply about my own beliefs and attitudes toward an objective. While working in groups is one the most useful tools I rely on as a learner, working individually can also help stimulate educational growth. I am a thinker by nature. I am one that requires time to contemplate, analyze and think about a subject before acting or responding. Quite often this can be both a positive attribute and a negative attribute. Thinking deeply about a subject allows me to fully process its weight and make sense of it in my own terms, which leads to a higher level of thinking and understanding. However, there can be moments when time is not available for extensive consideration and so I am continuing to learn and practice timely responses depending on the Working together is often situation. one of the best tools for learning