Evaluation Of Google Notebook


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Evaluation Of Google Notebook

  1. 1. Evaluation of Google Notebook As a part of our teams effort to explore and evaluate Google Applications, I examined Google Notebook. The purpose of Notebook is to provide a space for users to clip and collect information while surfing the web. My experience was very positive using the application because it has a very simple interface similar to Google email. Notebook allows you to type notes, copy and paste URLs or information from the web, organize and create multiple notebooks on varying subjects and export notebooks to Google Docs or export as HTML. You can also add comments on Notebooks to help continue the organization of web information. As a whole, I did not experience any negative or frustrating moments while using Google Notebook. I already had a Google account so there were no problems logging in and I had immediate access to the application. If used over an extended period of time, perhaps some negative attributes may be observed but upon initial examination it seems to be a very easy to use tool. Google Notebook could be especially helpful in the classroom by aiding in research organization. I often see my students research notes scattered among multiple binders and full of illegible lengthy URLs of web addresses they would like to revisit. Rather than waste the time (and increase error for miscopying lengthy URLs) using Notebook as a place to gather all web research into one location is a simple yet powerful organizational tool. I was not aware that Notebook existed but I will certainly be sharing it with my students as we embark on our final research project. It could be beneficial for many different age groups with a research purpose in mind. In order to use the tool in the classroom, students would need to be able to set up a Google account and be somewhat practiced in web research. Because the tool is designed to focus on information found surfing the web, students must have some basic skills in collecting data for a purpose. Once notebooks are created, there are multiple ways to share. Notebooks can be easily printed or exported to Google Docs. You can also invite collaborators to view and edit a notebook by submitting an email address or make the notebook a public web page. To encourage collaboration, Google Notebook would be a great tool to use with small groups set to research similar topics. It can act almost like a wiki in that each group member can have access to add and edit web content to their notebook. And the best part is that if you have internet access, the information is always there! I can’t count how many times a group member who is responsible for holding group documents may be absent from class leaving the other members of the group without pertinent information. Housing group research on Google Notebook would prevent that problem from infringing on productive class time.