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6 mm protect_yourself_protect_others


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6 mm protect_yourself_protect_others

  1. 1. Protect Yourself & Protect Others source:
  2. 2. Digital Rights & Responsibilities There have been many adults who’ve helped you grow and learn throughout your life. Your parents, teachers, guidance counselors, pastors, and friends have all had an influence on the choices you make. However, the bottom line is this - most of the choices are yours. In many cases, you have a right to choose what you want to do. For example, you get to choose your clothes, your friends, and most of the time, you get to choose your activities.
  3. 3. Double-click to enter title What you do and say definitely affects you, and it can have a big effect on others. Since you have a right to choose your behaviors, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to make the right choices. Teen Cyber-Bullying Click to view poster!
  4. 4. Digital Safety & Security As a middle school student, you’ve been exposed to many resources that attempt to keep you safe, not only in your ‘real’ life, but in your life online as well. Some of that information has come in the form of public service announcements or PSAs. Many of these appeared as television commercials in the past. You’ve probably seen them. Check out these PSA videos!
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  11. 11. Show What You Know Now it's time to show what you know in this Internet Safety topic, Protect Yourself & Protect Others IMPORTANT Click on the link below to download and save the test. Protect Yourself & Protect Others Quiz SAVE AS - (save to your 6th Grade Multimedia Folder) File name: Your Last Name_Protect Yourself Protect Others You CAN come back and view any of the videos and resources in this presentation while working on the quiz.