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Importance of Communication in Project Managment


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Importance of Communications in Project Ma

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Importance of Communication in Project Managment

  1. 1. Importance of Communicationin Project ManagementBy: Lisa Drake
  2. 2. My Background Degree:  Information Systems, B.S. from UNR  Pursuing a Master of Business Administration Work: International Game Technology (IGT)  Technical Project Manager  Project Focus: Customer Promotions, Pricing, & IT
  3. 3. Video Communication in Project Management Featuring: Rita Mulcahy, PMP – An Expert in Advanced Project Management, the PMP® Exam & Risk Management. RMC Projects
  4. 4. Communication Importance Importance  One of the greatest threat to the success of any project: Failure to Communicate Communication is the oil that keeps a project running smoothly Goal  Ensure timely & appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, store, and disposition of information Getting information to the right people at the right time in a useful format
  5. 5. Communication Challenges Unclear Expectations:: What is to be delivered, by who, when and how Communication Methods: Formal, Informal, Written, & Verbal (E-mail vs. In-Person Meetings vs. Phone Call) Listening Skills/Misunderstandings Surprises: Changes/Status Update Notification Specialized Organization Jargon: EGM, MJP, NPI, VC, OA, CS, etc
  6. 6. Develop A Communication PlanPurpose: Help To Guide Project Communication & Ensures Information is Correct & Useful WHO: Receiver  Identified Stakeholders & Their Expectations  Who Will Produce Communication WHAT: Requirements/Expectations  Format, Content, Level of Detail WHEN: Frequency  Essential Project Communication Comes from WBS WHERE: Storage  SharePoint, Network Drive HOW: Distribution Method  E-mail, SharePoint, Handouts
  7. 7. Performance Reports Status Reports: Where the Project Stands in regards to Scope, Time, Costs Progress Reports: What the team has accomplished during a certain time
  8. 8. Communication Forms  Internal Project Blog  Website  SharePoint  Google Docs  Wiki  Skype  E-mail  Meetings (In-Person/Conference Call)  Instant Messaging Blog
  9. 9. Question & Comments Lisa Drake @lisamdrake