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  1. 1. Diehl ElementaryLisa Bodner, Liana Agnew, & Donna Nelson
  2. 2. Contextual Factors • Ranging from nine to fourteen students typically. • Very diverse culturally. • Students in grades six through eight. • Class time is an hour and fifteen minutes each week.
  3. 3. Use of Class Time • Warm up/ Ice breaker • Anticipatory Set • Lesson • Review/ Clean Up
  4. 4. First Class • Content: students learned about the importance of visual advertising, compared sounds to the appearance of cover art, worked with composition, and made their own original album artwork. • Instructional Delivery: Lecture/ discussion, work, presentation. Pacing of lesson left us with some extra time, discussion reiterated lesson effectively. • Classroom Management: Discussion guided students through the lesson, waited for students to quiet before speaking eliminated disruption, students became adjusted to class routine so teaching the following lesson was easier. • Professionalism: Standard procedures were explained to us by the instructor, collaboration was good between Liana and Lisa, looked/ acted professional.
  5. 5. What We’ve Learned • Learned: Students may be shy about creating personal artwork at first. Lessons need to be hands on more frequently. • What Worked: Using music as a topic had the students interested, they all had very distinct taste. • What Needs Improved: Clear instruction and repetition of goals helps students work more effectively.
  6. 6. Second Class • Content: Two truths, Students viewed and talked about Benin masks and abstraction. Practiced pattern and created their own Benin masks with pattern on 16 gauge aluminum. • Instructional Delivery: Lecture, demo, work time. Clear procedures, walked through demo to eliminate disruption, pacing was fine, goals were repeated as students worked. • Classroom Management: Desks in fours, students sit in front four groups, question answer, Demoing clearly, circulating room.
  7. 7. What We’ve Learned • Learned: Students will be excited for a project if the teacher shows enthusiasm. • What Worked: Speaking clearly, Keeping momentum in lesson so students aren’t chatty. • What Needs Improved: Time management, got lucky with time working perfectly but wont always be the case.
  8. 8. Third Class • Content: Danced/Charades, Human color wheel, students learned about basic color concepts, and then applied them to abstracted self portraits. • Instructional Delivery: Interaction helped students interest in the lesson, was flexible and helped students understand color concepts, goals were clear and repeated. • Classroom Management: Students were behaved, questioning helped students learn, was positive and encouraging, was prepared. • Professionalism: Collaboration was key, was professional and very enthusiastic while educating which made students interested and also comfortable.
  9. 9. What We’ve Learned • Learned: Students need walked through lesson very thoroughly. • What Worked: Interaction and enthusiasm are very effective in a lesson. • What Needs Improved: Delivery must be clear and concise.