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Closing remarks EDEN Research Workshop - Leuven


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Closing remarks EDEN Research Workshop - Leuven

  1. 1. CLOSING REMARKS Lisa Marie Blaschke October 23, 2012
  2. 2. What Have You Learned? # “With the Twitter hashtag, class is always open…It never ends.” Helen Keegan, Plenary Session 3 (October 23, 2012)
  3. 3. Learners are in the Driver Seat, but
  4. 4. Instructors are guiding students ontheir way…
  5. 5. Pedagogies are defining how they willfind their way
  6. 6. with Technology as the engine…
  7. 7. Institutions are building andproviding the car – and issuing thelicense
  8. 8. ALL are part of a student-centeredlearning (SCL) system… Instructors Institutions Learner Technology Pedagogy “We are all working toward a common goal.” - Wim van Petegem, Plenary Session 1 (22.10.2012)
  9. 9. What Learners Are “Students are the only ones that can make learning work.” Ludo Melis, Words of Welcome
  10. 10. What Instructors Do• Coaches• Actors• Leader• Intelligent tutors• Guides on the Side
  11. 11. How They Do It (Pedagogies)• Learning Design’s 7cs: capture, create, communicate, collaborate, consider, consolidate (Grainne Conole, Plenary Session 1)• Community of Inquiry (CoI) model: teaching, social, and cognitive >> Emotional presence• Learner-generated-content• Empathy• Collaborative learning “A map is needed, focused on learners• Network thinking and competences (not on contents).”• Competency-based Marianne Poumay, Plenary Session 2• User-centered design• Constructivism• Situated learning• Self-regulated learning
  12. 12. And the Tools They Use• Digital media “Online students make frequent use of a greater number of• Social media technologies, with a more clearly educational use and one associated• OERs with Web 2.0 than in the case of students in a face-to-face/blended• Learning analytics environments.“ - Iolanda Garcia, Best Research• Semantic web Paper 2012• ICTs• Tablets• Social bookmarking (Evernote)
  13. 13. The Role The Institutions Play Influential factors: “Disaggregation of resources, learning pathways, support, and accreditation; tension of institutionally supportsystems and Cloud services; more open approaches to learning, teaching, and research” – Grainne Conole, Plenary Session 1“ICT differentiation and personalization of supply are so needed (and do not necessarily lead to polarization)” - Claudio Dondi, Plenary Session 3