Social media in education 2


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Social Media for the education classroom. Resources for implementing twitter, educlipper, scoopit and symbaloo into the classroom.

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Social media in education 2

  1. 1. Social Media in EducationLisa LundTechnology Integration
  2. 2. Social Media• Social Media can be used as a ProfessionalLearning Network (PLN) or as a tool tocommunicate with both parents and students.• Also, as a tool for students to communicatewith parents and with each other on content,assignments and questions.
  3. 3. Which One Are You?
  4. 4. Twitter• Do you Tweet?• @techintegratio1 – Lisa Lund’s Twitter• Login in to or use theapp on iPad or phone• Room – Join #11273
  5. 5. Twitter Account•• User Name – reflect what you will tweet• Add Profile Picture – makes you more real• Include link to your website if you have one• Description – relate what you will tweet
  6. 6. Tweet@ URL Link – characters – Why not 140?
  7. 7. Hashtags #• Hashtags are groups or events that you canlink to so that you can follow a certain group.• Create hashtag for student conversation –Engl9• Tweet something about our session and usehashtag #lundtech• Hashtags - #edtech, #teachers, #education,#edchat
  8. 8. Following• Follow people with like interests• Search for like minded
  9. 9. @Techintegratio1• @CreativeCommons – gives credit to thedeveloper or twitter account• Allows your tweet to be retweeted bythe twitter account• Courtesy in the Twitter World
  10. 10. RT – Favorited – Reply - Other• Respond to Tweet• ReTweet• Favorited• Other Options
  11. 11. Classroom• Ways to Incorporate in Classroom?• Storystarters• Daily log to parents• Second Graders Using Twitter• Blooms and Twitter
  12. 12. Resources• Twitter Cheat Sheet• Cheat Sheet••• Twitter in the Classroom Examples• ASCD “Why Try Twitter”
  13. 13. On-line Learning• Twitter for Teachers•
  14. 14. Social Media - Curation Tools•••
  15. 15.• Curate Content• Connect with Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest• Collaborate with others• Resources organize by content• Share and post comments
  16. 16. Educlipper• Similar to Pinterest• Create EduClipboards• Curate from websites,Documents, videos and images• Create Classes to share content
  17. 17. Resources• Youtube User Guide EduClipper• Youtube User Guide – EduClipper CreatingLinks
  18. 18. Pinterest• Create Boards• Search for ideas• Share through twitter, etc.• Organize content on boards• Like and Repin other content
  19. 19. Resources• WeAreTeachers• Boards for Teachers• Cheat Sheet and Ideas•
  20. 20. Symbaloo• Create links• Organize links by content, subject, project• Post to Website• Students only have access to those resources• Centers• Content practice for younger students withcolors and pictures
  21. 21. Students Today• Vine• Snapchat• Instagram• “Facebook is for old people”• Twitter