November Green Press 2012


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November Green Press 2012

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, New York September 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 Putting the “Thanks” BackInside this issue: in Giving In 1621, the Plymouth colonists our neighborhood that may have us have known someone whoRegarding Resilience: 2 and Wampanoag Indians gath- less to be thankful for and could has been affected by cancerTips, tools and tech-niques for practicing ered together to share a harvest possibly use a little charity. With and therefore feel compelledresilience everyday meal that we acknowledge as the that in mind ACS would further to donate to an organization first Thanksgiving. Although challenge everyone to remember that fights cancer. To donateNegotiating Job 3 the Thanksgiving holiday is pri- that we are an Army that takes to such an organization notOffersLook Who‟s on the marily celebrated in the United care of their own thus the adage only makes sense but is a no-Payroll! States and Canada, prayers of charity begins at home seems to ble act. We just want you toAn Afternoon of 4 thanksgiving and thanksgiving apply. be aware that you can splitPumpkins harvest festivals and ceremonies Last month, the Combined Fed- your allotments between are common among many relig- eral Campaign kicked off their more than one charity.The Pumpkin Patch 5 ions and cultures worldwide. annual drive for charitable dona- In short, we would like you to Thanksgiving, held the fourth tions. consider the services offeredSpouse in the Spot- 6 Thursday of November, is During the 2012 fiscal year ACS and highly utilized at ACS bylight marked by a decadent feast, our Fort Drum community served 832,000 Fort Drum Sol- Family centered activities, foot- diers and Families. When consid- when you fill out your contri-Family Advocacy 7 ball and reflections on what we ering which charitable organiza- bution form this year. In thisPromoting Healthy have to be thankful for. fiscal reality, every pennyFamilies tion you will donate your com- This year, Army Community bined Federal Campaign dollars counts.ACS Calendar of 9 Service would like to challenge to, remember that by donating to When you are rememberingEvents everyone to consider how lucky Army Community Service at Fort what you‟re thankful for this we are to be part of something Drum, your money stays within year, consider those in yourACS Contacts 10 bigger. We want everyone to be the community in which you live. community who have a little thankful for the abundance and It will help fund the very pro- less to be thankful for. Keep- opportunities we have available gramming and services your battle ing them in mind, give with a to us in America. buddies, friends and neighbors are thankful heart to the Com- If we each took five minutes to utilizing in times of need. When bined Federal Campaign. think about our lives, we would you choose to donate to ACS it is If you would like to contrib- be able to identify at least one a Fort Drum Specific organiza- ute your donations to ACS thing we are thankful for. On tion. the contribution number is the other hand, we can also It is true many people have their #76488. Remember, Think identify someone in the world, personal charities they tend to ACS First! in the United States or even in donate to. For instance, many of
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press November 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848 ACTIVE CONSTRUCTIVE RESPONSE BUILDS STRONG BONDS!How well do you receive other peo- Were you a conversation killer? Did you very yesterday.”ple‟s good stuff? Have you ever really passively ignore the statement all together? You: “Really, that is wonderful. What wasthought about that? Your answer to Friend: “My child won a spelling bee at school the final word? How many rounds did itthe question might just surprise you. yesterday.” go? Etc….. You: “Did you get today‟s report done?”I think we all like to be able to say thatwe receive well and doing so helps Were you a conversation hijacker? Did you Which do you think is the only re-build strong connections with others. actively redirect the conversation toward your sponse style that builds strong connec-This would be ideal because as we own purpose? tions? You got it, the joy multiplier!have discussed earlier, strong connec- This month, start really listening to Friend: “My child won a spelling bee at schooltions is an essential part of resilience. your responses to good stuff. Make yesterday.”Unfortunately, some us may not find every effort to be a good receiver andourselves able to honestly say that we You: “My child did that last year, he is a good allow the person sharing to be encour-productively receive others good stuff. speller but he now more into music.” aged and willing to share good with you Were you a joy thief? Did you question again and again. If you find yourselfThere are four ways people tend to whether or not the good was really good? struggling to stay in the positive - thinkrespond when others share good of this: Of all the people in the world this Friend: “My child won a spelling bee at school person could have gone to share their goodnews, talk about a positive experience, yesterday.” stuff, they choose you!or describe a success. Only one of thefour styles leads to stronger relation- You: “Why spelling? Getting them into sportsships. will mean more in the future. Have a great month – good luck and Were you a joy multiplier? Did you show au- good thoughts!Take a minute to reflect on the last thentic interest, engage them and allow them totime that someone shared good news feel good?with you. What kind of receiver wereyou? Friend: “My child won a spelling bee at school 9 November Module 1 9:30am-2:30pm 3 December Module 2 9:30am-2:30pm 11 February Module 3 9:30am-2:30pm 4 March Module 4 9:30am-2:30pm All classes held at ACS Building call 772-0470/2848/0509 to make a reservation
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press November 2012 Negotiating Job Offers-Tips For Success offer. Is the salary adequate? Are there and professional manner. Go in additional benefits? How much will you to the negotiations with the idea take home after taxes and the daily com- that you can succeed. Be ready to mute? Will you have childcare or pet care support your requests with facts expenses as a result of accepting the job? and explanations. In this econ-New research shows that 42% of us are Once you estimate your net pay, think omy, finding a job can be difficult.uncomfortable with the idea of negoti- about the responsibilities of the position Don‟t over-negotiate- make yourating when we‟re offered a job. How you‟ve been offered. Do a little online needs known and be open tocan we become more comfortable? By research to see if the salary is in line with compromise. For more informa-knowing what we want, what we need, what other people in similar jobs are mak- tion on Job Negotiating attendand what we‟re worth. ing. Check out competitive employers; ERPs „Negotiating Job Offers‟Job hunting can be an exhausting and what they are paying their employees with workshop on 21 November fromintensive process; it‟s normal to feel the same job responsibilities. 9:30-11:30. Call ERP to sign updisappointed when we aren‟t selected If all of this research leaves you leaning 315-772-9611 / 2737 / 1090 /for a position and to feel elated when towards accepting this job offer, it‟s time 7987.we receive a job offer. However, once to proceed to the next step. Now that youthere‟s a job offer on the table, you are have defined what you want and need in “Sometimes the hardest partin a position of strength. Before you terms of salary and benefits, you can pre- of the journey is believingsay yes- take a little time to evaluate pare to negotiate. If the salary is accept- you’re worthy of the trip.”whether the offer meets your needs. able, you may want to negotiate workIn order to get a grasp on what you hours, vacation time, or other benefits. ~Glenn Beck,want and need, take a minute to write Write down your counter offer and prac- The Christmas Sweaterdown your thoughts concerning the job tice asking for what you want in a polite Look Who’s On The Payroll!!!!! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Alanna Boughal Jefferson County Public Health Michele Downy ACAP – SERCO Wendy Easterling Jefferson County Public Health AND Jefferson-Lewis B.O.C.E.S.
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press November 2012An Afternoon of pumpkinsThe New You Now women’s em- pumpkins and carving pumpkinspowerment group recently got (pie pumpkins are small andtogether for an afternoon of thick making them much morepumpkin carving at ACS. difficult to carve).Some participants carved pump- All in all the afternoon was funkins for the first time in their for adults and kids. On the nextlives. Others decided to paint page are some nutrition facts andtheir pumpkins as an alternative recipes for carving. One pumpkin waseven decorated by decoupage! Contact 772-5374 or 772-6566 for upcoming New You Now meet-The group experienced roasted ings.pumpkin seeds and discussedthe difference between pie
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press November 2012 The Pumpkin Patch! To make pumpkin purée from a sugar pumpkin: start with a small- medium sugar pumpkin, cut out the stem and scrape out the in- The Most sides, discard (save the seeds, of Popular course). Cut the pumpkin in half Pumpkin Facts: and lay cut side down on a rimmed Thanksgiving Pies that baking sheet lined with silpat or High in beta carotene come up in aN aluminum foil. Bake at 350°F until Good source of fiberProtein, vitamin C & potassium internet fork tender, about an hour to an search are: hour and a half. Remove from Choosing a pie pumpkin: oven, let cool, scoop out the pulp. (Alternatively you can cut the  Pumpkin Bright Orange pumpkin into sections and steam Thick skinned  Pecan in a saucepan with a couple inches Blemish free  Apple of water at the bottom, until soft.) Should be heavy for size If you want the pulp to be extra Should have an attached stem smooth, put it through a food mill or chinois.Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie 2 cups of pumpkin pulp purée from a pie pumpkin or from canned pumpkin purée 1 1/2 cup heavy cream or 1 12 oz. can of evaporated milk 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar 1/3 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 eggs plus the yolk of a third egg 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest 1 good crust1 Preheat oven to 425°F.2 Mix sugars, salt, and spices, and lemon zest in a large bowl. Beat the eggs and add to the bowl. Stir in the pumpkin purée.Stir in cream. Whisk all together until well incorporated.3 Pour into pie shell and bake at 425°F for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes reduce the temperature to 350°F. Bake 40-50 min-utes, or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean.
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press November 2012 Building Community: In the Spotlight ACS Introduces Jess Hall-Spouse in the Spotlight arriving to Fort Drum and she stated new comers tour and she captured our “After being a spouse or associated hearts right away with her infectious with the Army for almost ten years, I laugh and bright smile. Jess, we would say that every place is what you learned, has a real love for literature make of it. You can expect to get out and education. She has been a teacher of it exactly what you put into it.” both in the DOD school system and in Jess went on to say that as a country the Louisiana public school system. girl she likes her wide open spaces and Right away she took advantage of the Fort Drum has a lot of that to offer. Employment Readiness Program as she plans on finding a job. The good ACS wants to warmly welcome Jess news for us is that she also likes to and her husband to Fort Drum. We keep busy. She started volunteering are happy to help her settle in and areJess Hall arrived at Fort Drum in August with Relocation Readiness and helps thankful for her contribution to ourof 2012 with her husband SGT Roland teach our sewing class. Jess is currently Fort Drum Community and ACSHall who is with 3-10 GSAB HHC. working with Relocation Readiness to Family. help develop our upcoming spouseJess is originally from Century, Florida sponsorship program. She also partici- It just goes to show you how comingand has been married to SGT Hall for pates in the New You Now spouse to ACS for a lending closet and someeight years. Since arriving at Fort Drum group and is taking Army Family Team information, can be the first step tohowever, Jess set out immediately to Building classes. opening many different doors of op-make our community her home. Jess portunity. If you see Jess, welcomecame to ACS Relocation Readiness seek- We think Jess is a good role model for her to the community and remember,ing information about the area she now Army Spouses! We asked her what Think ACS First!calls home. We set her up to go on the advice she would give new spouses “Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along.” ~Hugh Allen
  7. 7. ACS Green Press November 2012 Page 7 Exceptional Family Member Program’s Spooktacular Halloween CelebrationThis year the Exceptional Family Mem- Advocacy Program staff and otherber Program (EFMP) put their heads ACS volunteers transformed ACStogether to come up with a Halloween into a Halloween festival. Childrenparty that would accommodate children came to enjoy games and crafts aswho are not able to attend a typical well as other Halloween activities.haunted house event. Halloween treats ranged from the“Some children are unable to tolerate typical sugary treat to gluten freelarge crowds, loud noises, scary cos- treats.tumes and long lines” stated Sharon The event was a big success! EFMPChaple EFMP Program Manager. “We plans to make this an annual Hallow-decided to accommodate them with an een happening.event that takes their special needs intoaccount.” Contact EFMP at 772-5488/0664for upcoming events and activities.The EFMP Program along with somehelp from two girl scout troops, AmyEarle School of Dance, the Family “Think ACS First” Girl Scouts
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press November 2012
  9. 9. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090 Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357