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MSC brochure


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MSC brochure

  1. 1. presentMud, Sweat AND CheersA benefit for the Cayuga Waterfront TrailSaturday May 11thCan you survive the Waterfront 5?Mud, Sweat & Cheers... The Bordoni 5k Ex-treme Fitness Challenge will support the constructionof the Chris Bordoni Fitness Trailhead along theCayuga Waterfront Trail in Cass Park. The Bordoni Fit-ness Challenge, on Saturday, May 11, is a great teameffort for families, friends and colleagues. It will pushyou, make you sweat, laugh, cry, and get a little dirtywhile bringing out the best in you and your teammates.Five person teams will be challenged by strength, car-dio and obstacle activities at 5 stations along the trailstarting at Island Health & Fitness and finishing at thefuture site of the fitness trailhead along Park Road atthe south end of the Cass Park Trail.The entry fee is $40 each or $200 per team or $30per person or $150 per team for military and law en-forcement personnel. Four 5-person teams will be re-leased every 20 minutes starting at 9:00 a.m. until12:20 p.m. There will be a reception at Island Health &Fitness for participants as their heats are completed.This is not a competition and all teams must finish to-gether, as a team. No one will be left behind.All proceeds from Mud, Sweat & Cheers will sup-port the design and construction of the Chris BordoniFitness Trailhead, an outdoor fitness trailhead to belocated on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail in Cass Park.Construction is planned for summer of 2013.For more information on the event visit IslandHealth & Fitness’s website at or the Chamber of Commerce’s website Teams and individuals cansign up and donate at either of these websites.CORPORAL CHRIS BORDONIChris Bordoni was a local kid who loved to play hard. As he grew hestarted turning that drive into a personal mission – a mission of service tohis community and country. When Chris Bordoni became a Marine, he wasfulfilling the destiny he felt he was born to achieve. Tragically, Corporal Bor-doni lost his life overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom.From sadness comes hope…Chris loved being active, in shape, and helping others reach their fitness goals. Now, it istime for our community to pull together with Chris’s spirit, for MUD, SWEAT & CHEERS.MS&C is a team based 5k fitness challenge to benefit the Chris Bordoni Fitness Trailhead ofthe Cayuga Waterfront Trail at Cass Park. This is a great team event for family, friends andco-workers. Teams of five will be challenged by strength, cardio and obstacle activities ateach of the 5 fitness challenge stations along the trail. MS&C will make you sweat, struggle,and endure with the team to bring out the best in each and every person. You’ll be exhausted,but get so much in return. Join us!Do it for the team. Do it for the community. Do it for Chris!Do it for the team. Do it for the community. Do it for Chris!Our Sponsors:Boatyard Grill • Chemung Canal Trust Co.Computing Center • Bangs Ambulance •Cayuga Center for Healthy Living • 1160 ESPN Radio
  2. 2. MUD, SWEATAND CHEERSat the Cayuga Waterfront TrailSaturday May 11thContact:Joey Durgin - joeydurgin@gmail.comTerry Ciaschi -terryc@cnymail.comDemographic:Military, law enforcement, athletes, ages 14+, obstaclecourse enthusiastsStructure of race:Team of 5 peopleCapacity of 200 (40 teams)Summary:Join our team challenge to honor fallen marine ChrisBordoni and the Cayuga Waterfront Trail through thisblistering 5k course that will challenge your team’s fit-ness level and will. This is for serious athletes andrace enthusiasts to get more out of a race than just put-ting one foot in front of the other for time. Can you sur-vive the waterfront 5?Benefit:This is an event to benefit the Cayuga Waterfront Trailand honor fallen marine Chris Bordoni. Proceeds godirectly to support the construction of the waterfronttrail.Heats:Every 20 minutes starting at 9am ending at 12:20 asthe last heat.20 people per heat, 60 people per hour. Race will endapproximately 2pm.Winners/Competition:Finish the race as a team, no one is left behind. Nostop watch or times necessary. Good form is enforcedthroughout; teams should support each other and al-ways help the weakest link.Capacity:20 people per heat (4 teams per 20mins) – 200 peopleRace Times:• 8:30am first wave of teams begin• 11:30am last wave of teams begin• 1:30pm all participants should be finishedHeats (first come first serve for sign up):• 8:30am first wave of teams begin• 8:50• 9:10• 9:30• 9:50• 10:10• 10:30• 10:50• 11:10• 11:30am last wave of teams beginBy 1:30pm teams should be finished and collectingtheir T-shirts at the end of the race at the Chris BordoniTrailhead across from IHF on the other side of inlet.“Free agents”For individual or teams with less than 5 people, we willassign you a team or someone to join your teamObstacles and WorkoutsWhen the entire team encounters an “obstacle station”,they will be directed by staff to one of the following:1.) team strength challenge (certain number of repsof various exercises like squats and push-ups)2.) team obstacle (finish the task as a team like flip-ping a tire a certain distance)3.) team cardio challenge together like jumpingjacks, mountain climbers, or hill runs for a set amountof time or reps5 StationsThere will be 5 stations spread out through the coursewith 2-3 different challenges at each station that willtest your strength and your spirit. A water station willbe located in Cass Park between obstacles. Thecourse obstacles will remain secret until the day of theevent. Examples: Each team must finish all 2-3 chal-lenges before being allowed to move on in the race.Station 1: “Terrible Twenty” (Located outside of IHFpull-up bars)• Strength: 20 pull-ups, 20 Kettlebell swings, 20box jumps• Obstacle: team giant tire carry. As a team theycarry the tire under the bridge and back.• Cardio: 100 jumping jacksRun in between: Participants will be guided north underthe 96 bridge and run around Boatyard Grill clockwise.Once circling around, they will be led on the right sideof the 89 bridge sidewalk and continue north on the wa-terfront trail.Station 2: “Rope burn” (close to playground andparking area in cass park, directly across the inletfrom the farmers market before Linderman creek.• Strength: 100 body weight squats• Obstacle: Tire flip 60 meters down andback to a set of cones. Small tire no morethan 2, big tire no more than 3. Teammembers will alternate who flips.• Cardio: 200 rope slams PER TEAM. Agiant rope will be anchored to a vehicle thatkeeps it in place while people one at a timeget as many slams as they can until theyreach 200.Run in between: Participants will continue on thewaterfront trail north before bearing left followingthe trail and heading west passing the marina ontheir right. Obstacle 3 will be south of the IthacaDog Park.Station 3: “Sled Drag”• Strength: Walking lunges to a cone andback, 60 meters total.• Obstacle: Sled drag backwards or for-wards 90lbs. There are 2 sleds. Eachteam member will drag it once down andback (60 meters total) through cones andpass it off to next member.• Cardio: A volunteer will lead a teamthrough 3 mins of mountain climbers (bodyweight exercise with hands on groundbring knees to chest) before going to thenext challenge.Run in between: Participants will continue on thewaterfront trail south and come to station 4 closeto Union Field and public restrooms, Children’sGarden, and the black diamond trail.Station 4: “Hellish Hill”• Strength: 30 burpees (in mud potentially)• Obstacle: Crawl under string held down bystakes, and run the rest of the way up the hill asa team.• No cardio challenge on this stationRun in between: Participants will continue south andend across from IHF come to station 5 where they willcross the finish line by the public parking lot and collecttheir T-shirts and donate shoes if they choose(charityrefurbishes shoes for Africa).Station 5: “Medical Leave“• Strength: 100 Sit-ups (in grass)• Obstacle: Teammate carry 20meters each, oneperson gets carried (teammates hold on to eachlimb)• No cardio component on this stationFinish: Participants cross the finish line by the publicparking lot, collect their T-shirts and donate shoes ifthey choose (charity refurbishes shoes for Africa).Pricing:$30 per person for military/law enforcement, $40 perperson for general. $200 per team for general parti-cipants; $150 for law enforcement/military personnel.Marketing:Sign at the desk, newspaper, radio ad, website.Staffing:1 trainer and/or 1 volunteer certified in CPR per obsta-cleLocation:Island Health & Fitness, Cayuga waterfront trail, andCass Park✖ Obstacle 1✖ Obstacle 2✖ Obstacle 3Obstacle 4 ✖Obstacle 5 ✖