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January Green Press 2013 pdf

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, New York January 2013 ACS Green Press Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 tree free newsletter ~A sarah.l.lynch@us.army.mil New Year’s Resolutions with ArmyInside this issue: Community ServiceRegarding 2resilience: Tips, The new year is upon us. It’s that If your resolution is to treat Maybe you want to volunteertools and tech- time again, when we spend New the people in your life or find employment? Come toniques for practic- Year’s Eve reflecting on the past better or to build stronger ACS and meet with theing resilience and looking ahead to the future. relationships, ACS suggests Volunteer Corps Programeveryday On the new year, we traditionally attending resilience training. Manager to match your make New Year’s resolutions. The Master Resilience particular skills with a volun-Landing Your 3 We resolve to make changes such Training (MRT) is a teer opportunity. Often timesDream Job as spending more time with positive psychology that volunteerism leads toFinancial Stress 4 friends and Family, exercising teaches you how to be employment opportunities.Effects the Whole more, quitting smoking or losing psychologically strong The Employment ReadinessFamily weight. The common themes are during times of stress and Program, works diligently to self improvement, better health adversity. The training helps help Soldiers and Families, as and better relationships. While students understand how well as DA civilians, findSpouse in the 5 we, at Army Community Service their thought processes employment now or uponSpotlight-Monika (ACS), can’t make you skinny drive their actions and separation of service. TheyFlom (even though we are located next affect the consequences of offer classes to improveArmy Family 6 to Monti Fitness Center and the their behaviors. It teaches employability and developAction Plan new Mountain Functional Fitness people how to skills needed to find Center), we can help with self communicate effectively, employment.Making New 7 improvement and mental well build better relationships Whatever your resolution is,Year’s Resolutions being. and become more resilient Army Community ServiceWith Your in every day situations. Have you noticed January is a would like to help you succeed.Children long and often dreary month? If, on the other hand, your If we don’t have what you areACS Calendar of 8 It can definitely challenge your resolution involves better looking for, chances are, weEvents motivation to get out there and money management, how know where you can find it. achieve those resolutions. Army about a budgeting or TSP Happy New Year and bestACS Contacts 9 Community Service would like to class? Financial Readiness wishes. Remember, to empower you to come in and will also work with you Think ACS First! check out what we have to offer. one on one to help you reach your financial goals.
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press January 2013 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848 Have You Been Hunting the Good Stuff ?I recently asked a few folks who have that does not let you off the hook either!taken the MRT training if they are Find an avenue to record your good stuffStart a Good Stuff Bank: Drop sparecontinuing to hunt the good stuff that works for you so that it becomes a change into a jar for each good thingdaily. Unfortunately the majority said habit. Here are a few creative ideas: that has happened in your day. At theno. When I asked why, they end of the month/year treat yourself toresponded that it was hard or they Start a Good Stuff Jar. Start the year with something positive as a reward forwould just simply forget. I didnt let an empty jar and fill it with notes about training your mind to hunt the goodthem off the hook very easily. We good stuff each day. Then, on New Year’s stuff.have got to seek out, identify and Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuffarticulate the good happening in our happened that year. Good way to keeplives on a daily basis. If we dont it isthings in perspective. So, hunting the good stuff does nottoo easy to become immune to seeing need to be a challenge. As with allit at all. Good is all around us, but we Start a Good Stuff Chain: Cut out paper change, it may take time to become atend to give the bad more of our strips and write some good stuff on one as habit. But if you will give it the time,attention. Most of us spend far more often as possible. Each day link the paper you will increase your hope, your opti-time worrying about what can go strips together to make a good stuff chain. mism and your overall mental andwrong or replaying setbacks than we Use your chain to brighten up your home, physical health!do noticing and enjoying what has office, and/or car.gone right. In fact, we actually need to Happy hunting! Have a wonderfulteach ourselves to look for and Make a Good Stuff Ball: Start with a month – good luck and good thoughts!acknowledge the positive things that small bouncy ball. Each day, wrap aalso happen every day. rubber band around the ball to symbolize good stuff that has happened in your day.An earlier article outlined how to start Make it as big as you and enjoy watching itand what to write in a Hunt the Good bounce. Remember the more resilienceStuff journal. But maybe keeping a you show the more you stretch and bouncejournal is not for you. Guess what – back! 2013 ACS Master Resilience Training Schedule 11 February Module 3 9:30am-2:30pm 4 March Module 4 9:30am-2:30pmAll classes held at ACS Building call 772-0470/2848/0509 to make areservationRefrigerators are available for use if you wish to bring a lunch!
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press January 2013 Landing Your Dream Job Looking for employment is not an easy for a job that involves doing you see an area where you can make a task, and at times landing a job may something you like using the skills you difference. By expressing your passion, take weeks or even months. Why not are strongest in. If youre stuck, Army youll have built an above-average land your dream job this year? By using OneSource has a great career résumé that shows potential an efficient process of setting goals, assessment tool that can help you get a employers how hiring you will benefit identifying what you need to accom- sense for what’s out there. Visit their their company. plish to meet those goals, and acting on website www.myarmyonesource.com your objectives, you can land the job of and look under the careers tab. Build a Strong Network. In finding your dreams. any job, knowledge and experience can Build A Plan. You have now only take you so far-- "Its not what What Do You Want? Studies have identified your dream job, but what do you know, its who you know.” Having shown you’re more likely to be you need to do to get there? Most a strong social network can open successful if you enjoy your work. Goal careers require a specialized skill set so opportunities for you and help you setting expert Adrian Loncraovich think about what you need to do to get enter into your dream job. Maybe you advises job seekers to visualize your that knowledge, if you do not already know a friend, who knows a friend, dream job and start by listing the things possess. Do you need to go back to who works in the industry you are you like to do. “The easiest way to school? Do you need to attend training trying to enter into. You can also meet pinpoint your dream job is to use visual seminars and get certified? The first people within the field of your dream aids, like a list or a mind map. It doesnt goal you will set to achieving your job by joining associations or attending matter whether you use a pen and dream job will be related to obtaining conferences in the field. Consider the paper or a computer program -- getting these training and skills you need to be internet for expanding your social everything written down where you can successful. network. You can set up your own see it will help you get a clear picture of webpage, blog, or even create an your job goal and what you need to do Take Action. The next set of goals to account on social networking sites (i.e. to get there.” achieve your dream job involves Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter). The creating a résumé. Start working in internet offers unlimited social Recognize Your Skills? Next, your field as early as possible, even if networking potential, but its up to you identify the things that youre good at. its only part time or volunteer work. to take advantage of it. Are you good with numbers? Are you The more experience you have when the person people call when their you apply for your dream job, the Love Your Job. The most important computer breaks down? Everyone has more successful you will be in achiev- thing to remember about getting your their own personal skill set. Start ing your goals. dream job is that it wont happen making a list of all the things you do overnight. Plan for the long term, but well. Dont forget to include skills that Stand Out From The Crowd. Start dont procrastinate when it comes to youve developed in your work creating a demand for yourself as soon getting started. The first steps you take experience and/or volunteer activities, as you can to stand out amongst your toward your goals are often the but do not limit yourself to only skills competitors. If youre working part hardest, but if you dont start moving, you have had formal training in. Once time or volunteering, make yourself youll never get anywhere. So, what are you have a list of skills, identify which stand out from the crowd by doing an you waiting for? GO! of the skills you are best at, and num- above-average job. Whenever you are ber them using "1" for your strongest given an assignment, complete it to the *Information adopted from Adrian skill and go from there. After you’ve best of your ability, and do not be Loncarovich, co-author of made your list, you can start looking reluctant to take on additional work if GoalEnforcer Look Who’s On The Payroll!!!!! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Kristen Dickerson DFAS Kelly Geagan Fairgrounds YMCA If you are an Employment Readiness Client, please let us know when you are offered a job so we can salute you!
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press January 2013Financial Stress Affects the Whole FamilyFinancial stress is a leading cause of problems and often can add to them. Work together: Couples need tostress on marriages and ultimately the The strain of parenting alone after the strengthen their bonds and rememberFamily as a unit. In marriage, divorce can lead to further stress from that marriage is a partnership. ACSwhenever there is a lack of financial problems. offers couples communication classescommunication about finances and the chaplains frequently offercombined with differences in So, what’s the bottom line? Stress can marital retreats. The best part is theyspending and saving habits, things can be damaging to all of those involved. dont cost you anything.go bad quickly. Stress over finances is extremely common among married couples. Get help if you need it: If you feelIn a relationship, financial stress can Army Community Service (ACS) always overwhelmed and are in crisis, you canlead to increased fighting between suggests a preventative course of talk to one of the Military and Familyhusband and wife. Children pick up action. Here is a list of ways you can Life Consultants with assurance that iton the stress their parents are feeling alleviate the negative effects of stress will remain confidential. You can alsoas well as the strain on the Family. caused by financial concerns: take a stress management class through our Family Advocacy Program.It is important to realize that financial Don’t panic: For every financialstress affects the whole Family either problem there is a solution, even if it Remember, everyone experiences stressdirectly or indirectly. When left seems impossible. in one form or another, the differenceunaddressed, financial problems can is, some people take actions to preventcause children to act out in school, Set goals: Financial goals keep you stress from damaging the wellbeing ofregress to behaviors from a younger focused, with an end in sight. You can themselves and those they love. ACSage, have trouble eating and difficulty see your progress and celebrate your has many resources to promote asleeping. accomplishments. Ask Financial healthy well balanced lifestyle. Come in Readiness how to set financial goals and discover how we can benefit you.In fact, financial stress is one of the that will work for your individualtop ten factors contributing to situation. Contact Financial Readinessdivorce. Worrying and arguing over to discuss ways to get on track. Thinkmoney can be emotionally trying.Many couples have sited money Think positive: ACS offers ACSproblems as a contributing factor to resilience training to teach youtheir decision to divorce. Most often techniques for changing the way you think about a situation as well as how First!divorce does not alleviate the financial you react to the situation. Start the new year with a financial plan and Tools to managing stress! Call 772-6556/6557 Make an appointment with a financial counselor or sign up for one of the classes that help alleviate stress and promote overall well being Army Community Service has your tools for success!
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press January 2013 Building Community: In the Spotlight ACS Introduces Monika Flom quickly formed friendships with the Monika is a valued addition to ACS tour participants and it became evident and the Fort Drum Community as a to the staff that she had a knack for whole. Her dedication to the Families talking to people and making them feel of Fort Drum is apparent to all. She at ease. really believes in the value of ACS programming and services and how Monika has a passion for people! She they benefit our Soldiers and Families. explained that she went door to door She cares deeply about our Fort Drum with her friend Suzette Zehler to invite community and understands the spouses within their neighborhood to unique opportunities as well as the come to a meet and greet at the challenges that come with the life of a community center to get to know each military spouse and Family member.Monika came to Fort Drum in August of other. Well it didn’t take long for ACS Outreach to ask Monika to join the Monika is a wonderful person. If youlast year from Fort Bliss. She and her effort of reaching the community. see her out and about in thehusband SGM Brian Flom, assigned to Since then, Monika volunteers an community, introduce yourself. She is1st Sustainment Brigade, 91st MP’s, average of five days a week for always looking for ways to enhancealong with their daughter Alexandra Outreach. the life of a Family member and makestayed at the Fort Drum Inn while they new friends. Chances are, she proba-awaited housing. Monika decided that Together we have been taking a grass bly knows of something you might beshe wasn’t going to wait for housing roots approach to making contact with interested in hearing about.before getting involved in the Fort Drum the Fort Drum community. We oftenCommunity. Instead, she began to travel off base to housing communitiesnetwork with other spouses and introduc- to set up meet and greets in an efforting herself right away. to educate the Soldiers and Families “Without a sense ofIt didn’t take Monika long to visit Army who live off post and may not be caring, there can be no aware of the services ACS has to offerCommunity Service and set herself and them. sense of community”her daughter up to go on theNewcomer’s Tour with Relocation ~Anthony J. D’AngeloReadiness. While on the tour, MonikaLooking for ways to get involved? Wanting to makefriends? Why not join one of these ACS groups? International Spouse Club (meets the third Friday of the month) Hearts Apart (deployment support group meets the first Friday of the month) SELF (women’s empowerment group meets the first Tuesday evening and the first Wednesday morning of the month)ACS offers a variety of other groups based on time of the year and communityfeedback. Stop by and see what is going on today.
  6. 6. Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference 28-29 January 2013 Submit Your Issues ISSUE For information or to sign up to be a SUBMISSION delegate, call 772-6710 or 772-2933 Delegate training will be held on FORM 16 January 2013 If it’s a program or service, anISSUE: What is the issue/problem? AFAP issue can improve it!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If it’s a policy or regulation, an______________________________________ AFAP issue can change it!SCOPE: Why is this an issue/problem? If it’s a law, an AFAP issue can____________________________________________________________________________ amend it!____________________________________________________________________________ If there’s a low-cost, creative solution, you should pursue it!RECOMMENDATION: Possible solutions?____________________________________________________________________________ Some of the changes that resulted____________________________________________________________________________ from past AFAP issues include  Pay increases  Military Savings Plan POINT OF CONTACT: (Optional)______________________________________  Youth Initiatives______________________________________  Tricare for LifeReturn your form to an Issue Box Location:  Household Good Weight AllowancesArmy Community Service, Monti Physical Fitness Center, Increase for junior enlistedMagrath Sports Complex, BOSS, Education Center, ClarkHall, The Commons, Fort Drum Inn, Hays Hall, Guthrie  Permissive TDYClinic, and FRSA offices (call for specific locations) Let YOUR voice be heard today! Sumbit your issue before 18 January 2013
  7. 7. ACS Green Press January 2013 Page 7Setting New Year’s Resolutions with Your ChildrenNew Year’s resolutions are an cheering team, a short term goal Monitor Progress. Children mightexcellent opportunity for parents to might be to achieve a backhand- feel like failures if they don’t achieveteach children about the value of spring in three the goal theygoal setting as well as an weeks. set before itsopportunity to foster self discipline. deadline. It is Good goals are important toSetting goals can be a daunting task sincere. Your child encourage yourfor many adults not to mention should set their own child andchildren. There is a process to goal goals, not goals you reassure themsetting to increase the likelihood of think they should that the onlysuccessfully reaching the goals we have. If they dont way to truly failset. pick their own, they will not be to reach a realistic and specific goal isOne important part of setting goals motivated to reach them. to give up on it completely. If youris determining a goal and deciding Goals should be written down. child’s goal to make the school playwhether it is reasonable and When your child writes down the wasn’t realized for this year’sachievable. Goals can be short or goal, they are forced to really think production, encourage him or her tolong-term but either way, goals have about it and it becomes tangible. try harder next time and to continuethe same characteristics in common. Plan the steps to achieve the to work toward that goal.Goals are specific. For instance, if goal. Listing the steps needed toyour child sets a goal to be a good achieve the goal. This is the Remember, setting and workingstudent. The goal is vague and not planning process. Sometimes with a toward a goal is a positive way toeasily measured. A better goal to set long term goal it means breaking the learn self discipline. When you teachmight be for your child to get an A goal into short term, middle term your child how to set goals properly,in all of his or her classes. and long term goals to make the you will be setting them up for suc-Goals should have deadlines. If a goal process more manageable. If cess and teaching them a valuablegoal has no deadline, it is easy to your child wants to become an skill that will benefit them through-ignore and eventually forget your actor, start with taking an acting out their lifetime.goal. Long term goals may have seminar over the summer or signinglengthy deadlines and therefore up for voice lessons. Then perhapsmight be better broken down into joining drama club or trying out forsmall term goals. For instance, if little theater. Each goal achievedyour child sets the goal to be on the builds toward the long term goal. Recently, Children from the Chapel Drive Annex Child Care Center, held a winter coat drive. The children donated coats to Army Community Service (ACS) to give out to Families in need of a warm coat for the winter. ACS would like to say thank you to Chapel Drive Annex and CYSS for taking care of our Soldiers and Families! From left to right, Cadence Fox, Maggie Jansen, and Alexander Erb
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press January 2013 Note: Italics indicate class is located outside of ACS ACS Contact information on page 8
  9. 9. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873, 772-2855Army Family Team Building/Army Family Action Plan 772-6710, 772-9229http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122037720Army Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Army-volunteer-Corps/13651504365912Exceptional Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-FMWR-Exceptional-Family-Member-Program /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090http://www.facebook.com/fortdrumemploymentFamily Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-financial-Readiness-ACS/1956662120473Information and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Mobiliztion-and-Deployment/178420512193448?ref=ts&v=wallOutreach 772-5374http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-ACS-Outreach/180373271991692Relocation Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// www.facebook.com/pages/Fort -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781http://www.facebook.com/Fort.Drum.FMWR/SFACSurvivor Outreach Services 772-6357http://www.facebook.com/fortdrumsurvivoroutreachservices