E Co 2-22 March Newsletter


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E Co 2-22 March Newsletter

  1. 1. EAGLE FAMILY READINESS GROUP THE EAGLE TIMES VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 March 15, 2013 EAGLE (FSC) TAKES THE LEAD ON ALL FOB WARRIOR LOGISTICAL SUPPORT Since their arrival in January, Ea- gle Forward Support Company has hit the ground running, taking over all logistical support on FOB Warrior. As daunting as this task is, soldiers of this amazing com- pany have taken every assignment given to them in stride proving not only that they Inside this issue: have been well trained, but also that they are beyond a shadow of a doubt the best forFront Page— By CPT Fisher 1 the job at hand. Everyday this group of elite soldiers continue to maintain vehicles, re-Headquarters Section Promo- 2 fuel aircraft, feed the FOB and move sup-tions/Re-enlistments—By 1LT plies around the battlefield. It is no surpriseSkresvig to their leaders, that the fruits of their laborDistribution Platoon—By SSG 3 over the previous 18 months prior to ourAmos deployment are paying off. Eagle Com- pany soldiers are ready for anything thatMaintenance Platoon—By SSG 4 may come their way! Many of the tasksOrzech that Eagle Company has fallen in on areForward Logistical Eagles—By 5 not the “typical” Light Infantry FSC mis-CPT Fisher sions. You wouldn’t know it, however, because despite these slight changes Sol-Commander’s Corner—By CPT 6 diers of Eagle Company, learned theirFisher new duties, adapted and soldiered on asNEW Company T-Shirt Design— 7 they have continuously done. There’s aBy Eagle Company long road ahead, but Eagle Company is up to any challenge that should presentYour Soldiers at Work 8 itself. EAGLE COMPANY receives the 10TH mountain division combat patch On February 22, 2013 Eagle Forward Support Company re- ceived it’s 10th Mountain Infantry Division Combat Patch and became part of a history extending back to World War I. The Combat Patch is worn on the right arm “From this day on, Eagle Company will and signifies that a be part of a Triple Deuce History...A soldier has served in a combat zone. part of a brotherhood for years to come..” - LTC Funck
  2. 2. V O LU M E 1 I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 2 HEADQUARTERS SECTION “WE RUN THIS SHIFT!” As always, headquarters per-sonnel are the masterminds behind themachine of Eagle Company. Operationsare very smooth thanks to the hardwork of the Soldiers in our section. SSGWroten and SPC Sailor have been hold-ing the fort when it comes to feedingthe FOB, ensuring that the entire bat-talion gets the fuel they need to con-tinue operating. SSG Paul and SGTGarcia also did a great job of feeding atMuqor by themselves, quite the feat. SPC Porter has taken on jobsway outside of his realm and performedadmirably, making sure that communi-cations between various groups runssmoothly, and helping the XO wheneverhe needs help with his tasks. The 1SGhas been putting some work in, makingthe rounds and clearing the FOB. SGT Mendoza managed to re-model a huge portion of the area of op-eration and still finds time to get histruck driving on. And none of the opera-tions would be possible without a goodsupply sergeant, and SGT Chatmon hasthat area on lock. We haven’t beenwanting for anything yet thanks to hisdiligence. Everyone in headquarters ispulling their weight and then some, andwork very hard to make sure thatthings run smoothly for the Company,so the other sections can continue toplay their part in the deployment. Of course none of this is possi-ble without the patience, love and sup-port of all our family, friends and lovedones continuing to “run the ship” in therear. This outstanding Companywould not have near the success it haswithout your support. We thank you,and appreciate all you do, and continueto do everyday in our absence.
  3. 3. V O LU M E 1 I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 3 DISTIBUTION PLATOON “RIDE OUT, RELEASE THE BEAST!” I’m so proud of this platoon; we ployment. They start their morningare well trained for whatever this tour with a sip of coffee to jump start theirhas to offer. 17 of the best Distribution day, after performing the daily radioPlatoon Soldiers were hand selected for check, then walk a mile to the Ammothis mission and they are without a Supply Point (ASP). Getting theirshadow of a doubt, the most skilled and mind right and their calculator ready,trusted “War fighters” to take on the they start inventorying hundreds ofchallenge at hand. We as a platoon and various types of ammo. Counting forcompany have many challenges still hours, andahead, but with solid teamwork and a checking ammostrong Family Readiness Group, the Dis- one by one.tribution Platoon will be able to overcome From smallany obstacle in front of us. arms ammo to big booming The fuel handlers have a signifi- ammo, they han-cant and integrated role in supporting dle enough firesecurity for the base, by refueling U.S. power to start aand coalition aircraft, as well as provid- separate war.ing support during night operations. On These two finea daily basis our Soldiers are exposed to NCOs are re-an increased volume of military and civil- sponsible forian aircraft, holding a great responsibil- issuing variousity to successfully refuel, and return our types of ammu-brothers and sisters in arms back to bat- nition to compa-tle. For the past two months our Soldiers nies and makinghave transitioned well, by accepting their sure they areroles, and becoming technically proficient combat ready farin their duties. any mission or emergency that arise. They continue The men have settled quite well, to drive on everyday and sometimesand have learned to adapt to the rough late throughout the night. I’m veryterrain and the high demand of aerial proud of this “dynamic duo.”support. We have established a shiftwhich affords the men an opportunity tocall back home daily. Although the mailsituation can be sporadic at times, the “If it moves on or off the FOB, it’s acare packages sent from loved ones back Distro mission...anything that moveshome have been received with open arms,and huge smiles. This happens to be our is the Distribution Platoon’s job tonumber one boost to morale, so if possible move it...if the wind blows and movesI encourage you to continue to send thelove, as the men greatly appreciate the a tent, it better ask permission fromsupport. Distro first…” - CPT Fisher Your solders continue to betterthemselves, here at FOB Warrior. SPCRodriguez has attended and has beenrecommended for promotion to Ser-geant. His attendance to the promotionboard was well received and a great rep-resentation of hard work, commitmentto his unit, and has the potential to be aremarkable future leader. Lets not forget SGT South andSGT Sanchez who are really having a“BANG OF A TIME”, during this de-
  4. 4. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 4 MAINTENANCE PLATOON “WRENCHES, NOT WORDS!” From the moment we put As you can see this is one well “Those recovery guys were all over it the otherour feet on the ground here at FOB lubricated Eagle Maintenance Team! day...They got there, recovered the vehicle andWarrior it was simply a matter of Chief and I are very proud of each andtime before change was going to every one of them. To close out, the were gone with no guidance...very professional.”take place. In the small amount of team couldn’t do it without the love - CPT Braner (Anvil Company Commander)time we have been here the soldiers and support of our spouses. I wouldof the Eagle Company Maintenance call our spouse’s the secret ingredientteam have changed the landscape of to our success. The team and I would Notice Chief G isa disorganized, cluttered, and messy like to show our appreciation with a smilingmotor pool. big “thank you.” No matter their MOS, eve-ryone has been putting 110% intocleaning, organizing, fixing, creat-ing, and putting our own touch intomaking this an “Eagle Company”Motor Pool. Soldiers are given tasksdaily and refuse to quit until they’recomplete. They can honestly sitback and be proud of what they ac-complished by day’s end. As always, headquarters per- The Eagle Maintenance sonnel are the masterminds behindteam has expanded to other areas of the machine of Eagle Company. Op-missions support. At Eagle Com- erations are very smooth thanks topany HQ , SPC Porter and SPC the hard work of the Soldiers in ourRenner are playing a big role and section. SSG Wroten and SPC Sailormaking a difference with their have been holding the fort when itknowledge in communications. comes to feeding the FOB, ensuringThey also keep the XO on task and that the entire battalion gets the fuelout of the candy box which is a task they need to continue operating. SSGin itself. They are complimented Paul and SGT Garcia also did a greatdaily for their contributions. job of feeding at Muqor by themselves, quite the feat. SPC Despoth, SPC Taylor,and PFC Smith are keeping every-one safe with their “Eagle” vision onBase Defense. They are so good atwhat they are doing that they evenintimidate me! I wouldn’t messwith them! At the motor pool, the mira-cle workers CPL Baillargeon, SPCRoach, SPC Crump, SPC O’Connor,PFC Parrish, SPC Wadle ensurethat the wheels keep turning foreach and every truck. SPC Wilsonplays a huge role in fixing genera-tors and several pumps that main-tain life and operations. Of course,none of this is possible without theirPLL clerks, SPC Bergman and PFCSlink who keep the parts coming.
  5. 5. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 5 FORWARD LOGISTICAL EAGLES The following soldiers were attached toBushmaster Company, 2-22IN in support of theirvery difficult mission. These soldiers were sepa-rated from the rest of the company and lived with BCo, 2-22IN in less than favorable conditions withminimal equipment and yet still found a way to goabove and beyond their scopes and duties to cookand maintain vehicles. Not only did the mechanics perform at ahigh level, with little tools, they fixed equipmentthat they have never worked with. Not only didthey fix trucks, but they also fixed shower heaters,pumps both water and fuel, generators and heaters.They received accolades daily from the leadershipof Bushmaster Company. Let’s not forget about the cooks. Only hav-ing the ability to send 2 cooks to carry outthis mission, these outstanding soldiersworked day and night to feed the entirecompany, and attachments. This included “That SPCvarious “Morale” lifting meals during the Lehman can fixSuper Bowl, and 3 hot meals a day! They just aboutworked their tails off and single handedlykept morale high on Muqor. anything...I have no idea how he “CPT Fisher, your cooks are doing really well. The does it!” -CPT guys love them! They’re some real hard workers. Miller Can we keep them?” -1SG Harmon (Bushmaster (Bushmaster Company 1SG) Company Commander)
  6. 6. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 6 COMMANDER’S NOTE Dearest Family Readiness Group, I’ve never seen a group of soldiers so dedicated to their work. All the days of hard work, the nights they got homelate, the weekends in the field and rotation in the desert of California were not for nothing. Those countless hours ofhard work and training are paying off, as this exceptional team continues to astonish me every single day. I couldnt bemore proud of the team assembled here on FOB Warrior. I want thank each and every spouse continuing to march on without the assistance of your loved ones. You aretruly strong and committed and I do not envy your task at hand. I can speak for all of us here when I say, none of this ispossible without your love and support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You provide the motivation our sol-diers need to continue to do the amazing job they do everyday. YOU are the heartbeat of this Company. Again, thankyou all for all you have done, and continue to do. Before I close I’d like to make a special announcement regarding a new addition to the Eagle Company Family.I’m happy to announce that Nichole and I will be having our second child! (Nichole, sorry but I couldn’t resist!) Respectfully, CPT Fisher “COMBAT” PROMOTIONSSGT Paul was promoted to SSG Paul. SGT Wroten was promoted to SSG CPL Mendoza was promoted to SGT Wroten Mendoza. RE-ENLISTMENTSSSG Wroten re-enlisted indef. SGT Chatmon re-enlisted for 4 years SPC Shaffer re-enlisted for 4 years.
  7. 7. V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 THE EAGLE TIMES PAGE 7EAGLE COMPANY’S NEW T-SHIRT DESIGNFRONT: This will be on the front ofall the shirts madeBACK: This T-shirt will be forthose soldiers deployed but is alsoopen for anyone who would like topurchase this T-shirtBACK: This T-shirt will be forthose soldiers that have not de-ployed, but again open for anyonewho would like to purchase oneBACK: This logo can be personal-ized with your name. This is exclu-sively for those soldiers and familyof soldiers who have deployed.We just had a company vote as of 3 days ago., so the ordering process has not began as of just yet. The ordering processwill begin in about 2 weeks. Prices will be made available then.