2 22 First Quarter Newsletter (Jan-Mar 13)


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  • Way to go 2-22. Have nephew with Anvil. Godspeed soldiers and stay safe!
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2 22 First Quarter Newsletter (Jan-Mar 13)

  1. 1. “Deeds, Not A P R I L 2 0 1 3 Words” NEWS FROM THE FRONT 2 n d B a t t a l i o n , 2 2 n d I n f a n t r y R e g i m e n t Commander’s CornerGreetings to all!As a battalion, we have now been in Afghani-stan for approximately 75 days, and it has beenbusy for everyone. We departed Fort Drum insome pretty difficult weather conditions, andthey followed us all the way to FOB Warrior.We successfully assumed the responsibility ofthe area for Gelan and Muqor districts ofGhazni Province on 9 February 2013. Addi-tionally we have now handed over control ofCOP Muqor to the Afghans, and we no longerhave elements of B/2-22 in Muqor. B/2-22did a great job in this difficult task. A/2-22has been rotating through many missions hereat Warrior, and they continue to excel. E/2-22is taking care of the battalion very well, with regards to maintenance, transportation, ammunition,food, and fuel. Finally, HHC has done very well with the difficult task of maintaining Warrior andclearing the routes in our Area of Operations. The Battalion is doing great and as you look across ourbattle space you can clearly see that we are having a positive effect and improving the security. I amvery proud of all our units and our Soldiers. It is clear our hard work back at Fort Drum is payingdividends.Changes are ahead. We have already conducted a Change of Command in A/2-22 between CPT DanBraner and CPT Jeb Townsend. The next change will be in HHC/2-22 where CPT Ross Pixler willhand over the guidon to CPT Dan Braner. Another change is in B/2-22 where CPT Austin Miller willhand over the guidon to CPT William McMurray. As a last note, the Majors in the battalion will swapout in the coming weeks and months.I want to say thank you to all our soldiers who are giving everything they have to accomplish the mis-sion in Afghanistan. I would also like to thank all the spouses and family members whose, love, sup-port, and sacrifice allow us to stay focused. All of our jobs are very difficult, but as a team and a partof the Triple Deuce Family, we can accomplish anything.Sincerely,Courage 6“Deeds, not Words!”
  2. 2. April Update- OEF XIIIAPRIL 2013 Page 2 Words from the CSM Team Courage, Greetings from FOB Warrior! As we prepare for the Afghan Security Forces to assume control of Afghanistan’s security, we are increasingly aware of the importance of our mission and the heroes of this great Battal- ion are exceeding the expectations. Across the board, our Soldiers are do- ing great things, staying motivated, and adding to the great legacy of 2-22. In the two-plus months that we have been in country, we have success- fully assumed authority from 1st 503rd, transferred FOB Muqor over to the ANSF (Afghan National Security Force), greatly improved the living condi- tions and security posture of OP Goeke, modified the Battalion Headquar- ters and Company CPs, conducted a change of command for A-Company, welcomed two babies into the Courage family and reenlisted 22 of our warriors. As March comes to an end, I am looking forward to an exciting April. Upcoming events include the promotion board, an NCO/Soldier of the Month board, a three-on-three basketball competition, movement into a more spacious worshiping center, movie night, and the warmer weather. I want to thank the Rear Chain of Command and Soldiers, the FRG, and, most importantly, our families and loved ones. It is because of the great support that we have at Fort Drum that allows us to continue to do outstanding things over here. I am honored to serve with such great leaders and Soldiers. Continued success and let’s remain diligent, alert, and forever at the ready. Courage 7
  3. 3. April Update- OEF XIIIAPRIL 2013 Page 3 HELLHOUND FAMILY READINESS GROUP HELLHOUND COMPANY as we continue to hone and safe, secure, and perfect our individual and morale is high. collective skills. Whether we are Your Soldiers are working fabricating a Null hard and it shows. The FOB Modem Cable for is changing every day, taking the TOCNET, con- on our personality and build- ducting casualtyHell Hound Company is in ing capacity for progress. evacuation training,the full swing of the deploy- Although not a day goes by or simply going onment. We have hit the that we are not thinking of patrol...your love,ground running here at FOB our loved ones back home, support and prayersWarrior, Afghanistan. The let your mind be at ease are our strength.training never seems to stop knowing that we are well, Thank you!MEDICS @ WORKHHC Medics work side-by- Station) at COP Moqur suc-side with the FST (Forward cessfully and have already learn fromSurgical Team), doing any- set the standard on medical the very ex-thing from chest tubes for a training doing everything periencedwounded ANA Soldier to from basic sick call proce- leadership at their disposal.shaving their heads in dures and MASCAL exercisessupport of a coworker with to helping with full surgicalcancer. procedures with the FST.The MED platoon is now at All of the Medics are very Medics scrub-in tofull strength after closing excited for the upcoming treat a wounded Af-down an FAS (Forward Aid months and are eager to ghan soldier FIVE HHC SOLDIERS REENLIST!On 8 March 2013, three Soldiers crisp cool breezes of the earlytook the opportunity to reaffirm morning Afghan air.their commitment to the UnitedStates Army and their comrades “Each of these Soldiers por-in arms by reenlisting. Special- tray our Army Core Valuesist Bradley Roth, Specialist An- with extreme passion,” saiddrew Miller, and Sergeant Jer- SGT John Porteous who pre-emy Duncan (in order as they pared the site and proudlyappear) all received the oath of witnessed the private cere-reenlistment while enjoying the mony. -Continued on pg4
  4. 4. April Update- OEF XIIIAPRIL 2013 Page 4 FIVE HHC SOLDIERS REENLIST! Not depicted in these pictures are two additional Hell Hound Soldiers who reenlisted: SFC Edward Harmes and SPC Travis Munsell. SFC Harmes re- enlisted shortly after leaving Fort Drum en route to FOB Warrior. SPC Munsell recently signed his reenlistment paper- work. His reenlistment cere- mony will occur shortly in the upcoming week. Congratula- tions to all newly reenlisted. CPT Ross Pixler and Specialist Bradley Roth recit- SGT Jeremy Duncan ing the oath of reenlistment. TACTICAL EXPLOSIVE DETECTION DOG (TEDD) TEAMS PROVIDE TRAINING TEDDs and their handlers are fectively. TEDD teams are an a team utilized for detecting essential asset to the battle- explosives on routes, open ar- field and contribute by saving eas, and inside or outside of Soldiers lives. These teams buildings, in order to allow are an excellent deterrent for freedom of movement for dis- enemies who wish to cause mounted patrols and convoys. harm by emplacing impro- TEDD Teams train constantly, vised explosive devices. keeping the K9’s ready to Training the Medics is a pri- search and are prepared to ority, so that the clinical man- conduct any mission on a mo- agement of military working ment’s notice. The handler dogs is successfully achieved gives commands to the K9 in in the absence of veterinary order to search areas more ef- personnel. LEARNING AFGHAN CULTUREThe last Afghan holiday of note was that day, which doesn’t quite cap- mated by the New Year resolutionEid al-Narooz in mid-March, which ture the heart of the New Year to slaughter and subsequently bar-celebrates the coming of a new year. spirit, and most of the time has the becue many a sheep. This is theBy some standards that is 2.5 months opposite effect. This year, how- way that Afghans tend to celebratelate, but better late than not cele- ever, was relatively quiet and anti- ceremonious occasions, so whilebrated. Besides, this is an opportunity climactic compared to former cele- they won’t let unclean infidels liketo slaughter as many animals as possi- brations. ourselves put an end to a sheep’sble, and at least make an attempt to life, we certainly will have the op-eat the meat. Its significance for most We at FOB Warrior are determined portunity to turn dead sheep intoAmericans is that the insurgents man- for this “New Year” in southern skewered sheep, which sounds likeage to shoot “fireworks” at US bases on Ghazni to be one of Afghan- a civilized American compromise. American understanding, consum- -Cheers!
  5. 5. April Update- OEF XIII ANVIL FAMILY READINESS GROUP ANVIL COMPANYFriends and Family of Anvil Company, the advising team, and force protection. Needless to say, the company is split pretty thin but the guys are working their butts off. After departing the Ft. Drum RapidDeployment Facility (RDF) in late January, Thus far Anvil has been successful in keeping the ball rolling from the previous unitthe Company touched down in Ireland to that was here. Anvil has conducted multiple Keyrefuel and refit before flying to Air Force Leader Engagements (KLE) in the surroundingBases in Kyrgyzstan and Bagram for a few villages with the elders, putting a face and name todays of classes and to meet some final train- the new unit working with their Afghan Securitying requirements. Anvil Company reached its Forces. In early March, one of the Security Pla-final destination at zero dark thirty on a Feb- toons and an advising team conducted a mission toruary morning and has since hit the ground clear a village with an Operational Detachment-running. The Company operates bilaterally Alpha Team (ODA) and Afghan Local Police towith Afghan National Security Forces build checkpoints. The 2-day operation was com-(ANSF), specifically Afghan National Civil prised of many elements and attachments rangingOrder Police (ANCOP) and the local Gelan from dog teams to Air Force Joint Tactical Air Con-District Police. The objective here is to hand trollers (JTAC) with F16s. The element was able tooff the fight to the Afghans and, through the secure an advising team enabling ANSF to build ause of advising teams, we will enable their few checkpoints to help deter some of the Talibanlogistical, intelligence, maintenance, and fighters during the upcoming spring season.operational capabilities so that they are ableto operate autonomously. Many of our great Soldiers have selected to re- up their commitment to the US Army by re- Additional responsibilities outside of enlisting in country. Anvil Company thus far hasthe ANSF mission set include: manning an had 8 infantrymen extend their contracts as theObservation Post that overwatches some key Company has several achievements to commemorate and has already conducted a reenlist-areas, providing a Quick Reaction Force for ment, promotion, and deployment patching ceremonies within the first couple months.the Battalion area of operations, security for It is with full hearts that we bid farewell to our Company Commander (CO), CPT Daniel Braner, as he moves on to take a second command of Headquarters & Head- quarters Company (HHC). At the same time, we continue forward as we welcome CPT Jeb Townsend as the new CO. Additional changes include 1LT Matt Golubski assigned to be the Platoon Leader of 3PLT, replacing 1LT Daniel Dross who is mov- ing to an advising team. SSG Medina is also an addition to 3PLT, replacing SSG Staf- ford as a Squad Leader. We really cant stress how much it means to have your support; receiv- ing packages and letters are always a morale boost. Anvil Company has deployed to Afghanistan with some of the best Soldiers 2-22IN Battal- ion has to offer. We really can’t say enough about the caliber and qual- ity of men that are surrounding this Company. It is definitely a hum- bling position for the leaders within the Company and they are doing Members of 2PLT pose around a check point built in a everything in their power to train, take care of, and protect your broth- local village after an operation. ers/sons/husbands/fathers. Anvil Company after reenlistment ceremony.
  6. 6. BUSHMASTER FAMILY READINESS GROUP BUSHMASTER COMPANY 2)COMMANDER’S CORNER SFAAT 8 (BLUE 2) AND SFAAT 9 (GREEN Since departing Fort Drum in Janu- The SFAATs (Security Force Advise and Assist Team) have become an integralary 2013, the men of Bushmaster Com- and beloved part of Bushmaster Company over the past few months. Now referredpany have constantly been on the move. to as “Blue 2” and “Green 2”, the SFAATs are the focal point around which theAfter weeks of being stranded in one of Company operates as we switch our focus to pushing the Afghan Forces to the frontthe worst snowstorms in Afghan history, of the fight. Early on, Blue 2 received a change of mission to stand up a new Mobilethe men finally arrived at Strike Force for eastern Afghanistan. SinceCOP Muqor ready to work. then, the new additions of CPT Wampler andLife at the company outpost MAJ Siegfried have seamlessly incorporatedwas both challenging and their teams into the Bushmaster Family.rewarding; the men neveronce complained about the “CHANGE OF MISSION”additional requirements and 2-22 Infantry Regiment and Bush-strains associated with COP master Company are no strangers to thelife: pulling KP, rotating phrase, “Change of Mission.” In recent his-through guard shifts, eating tory, Bushmaster Company has executed aMREs, sleeping in a tent number of tasks on short notice to include:with 20+ other men, going deploying to Fort Bragg, NC, to participate inwithout a shower (good a complex airfield seizure exercise (JUN 12);thing we trained for that at testing for the Expert Infantryman’s BadgeNTC), or doing 1SG (JUN 12), deploying to the National TrainingHarmon’s “mayor cell” duties. Through Center, CA (SEP 12), deploying to Afghanistan in support of OEF XIII (JAN 13),it all, the Company managed to effort- and closing COP Muqor (MAR 13). Indeed, Bushmasters have demonstrated thatlessly balance two competing missions: they have a unique ability to adapt and succeed when given the toughest missions.to provide security for the SFAATs and to Again, Bushmaster Company has received a “Change of Mission.” The details aremeet the 1 April deadline of closing COP still being worked out, but one thing is certain: a new platoon will be formed. InMuqor. As we began the retrograde, it order to better organize ourselves to be more versatile in the current operating en-astonished us how much junk had accu- vironment, 13 Soldiers from 3rd Platoon under SSG Saddoris and 11 Soldiers frommulated in an area the size of a couple of 2nd Platoon under SSG Davis will join forces to create a new platoon. Until furtherfootball fields over the course of 5 years. notice, 1LT Rowen will dual-hat PL and XO duties for the platoon. There will be noEvery time we thought progress was be- change to FRG rosters!ing made, something seemed to ooze outof another orifice in the COP. Neverthe-less, on 18 March 2013—two weeks aheadof schedule—COP Muqor was transferredto the Afghan National Army and theBushmasters were relocated to FOB War-rior alongside the rest of 2-22 IN. PROMOTIONS, RE-ENLISTMENTS, AND BABIES Promotions: (PVT to PV2): Hoover, (PFC to SPC): Stricker, Reese, Pittman, Loncaric, Richard, Connelly, Turner, Stanley, Marshall; (SPC to CPL): Garcia, Newton, Silva, Parimore, McTighe, Stokes, Sandrik, Harris, Burnett; (CPL to SGT): SGT Garden. Re-enlistments: SPC Stricker (4 yrs, FT. Carson), SSG Ollis (6yrs., FT. Drum, College Incentive), SPC Stanley (4yrs, FT. Drum, AASLT School, College Incentive). Baby Bushmasters: PFC Allen (boy) 14 Mar 2013 - Ryker Logan Allen 7lbs, 4oz.; SPC Parimore (boy) 21 Mar 2013 - Roland Dean Parimore 8lbs, 11oz.; SGT Wright (boy) 25 Mar 2013 -Jackson Lee Wright 7lbs, 4oz.
  7. 7. April Update- OEF XIII EAGLE FAMILY READINESS GROUP EAGLE COMPANY COMMANDER’S CORNER EAGLE (FSC) TAKES THE LEAD ON ALL FOB WARRIOR I’ve never seen a group of sol- LOGISTICAL SUPPORTdiers so dedicated to their work. Theresults have begun to show from their Since their arrival in January, Eagle Forward Support Company has hitmany days of hard work, the nights they the ground running, taking over all logistical support on FOB Warrior. As daunt-got home late, the ing as this task is, soldiers of this amazing com-weekends in the field, pany have taken every assignment given to themand the rotation in the in stride proving not only that they have beendesert of California. well trained, but also that they are beyond aThose countless hours shadow of a doubt the best for the job at hand.of hard work and train- Everyday this group of elite soldiers continue toing are paying off, as maintain vehicles, refuel aircraft, feed the FOBthis exceptional team and move supplies around the battlefield. It is nocontinues to astonish surprise to their leaders, that the fruits of theirme every day. I could- labor over the previous 18 months are paying off.nt be more proud of Eagle Company soldiers are ready for anythingthe team assembled that may come their way! Many of the tasks thathere on FOB Warrior. I Eagle Company has fallen in on are not thewant thank each and “typical” Light Infantry FSC missions. Youevery spouse continu- wouldn’t know it, however, because despite theseing to march on without the assistance slight changes Soldiers of Eagle Company, learned their new duties, adapted andof your loved ones. You are truly strong soldiered on as they have continuously done. There’s a long road ahead, but Eagleand committed and I do not envy your Company are up to any challenge that should present itself.task at hand. I can speak for all of ushere when I say, none of this is possible EAGLE COMPANY RECEIVES THE 10TH MOUNTAINwithout your love and support. Thank DIVISION COMBAT PATCHyou, from the bottom of my heart. Youprovide the motivation our soldiersneed to continue to do the amazing job On February 22, 2013, Eagle Forward Support Com-they do everyday. YOU are the heart- pany received its 10th Mountain Infantry Divisionbeat of this Company. Again, thank you Combat Patch and became part of a history extend-all for all you have done, and continue ing back to World War I. The Combat Patch is wornto do. Before I close I’d like to make a on the right arm and “From this day on, Eaglespecial announcement regarding a new signifies that soldier Company will be part of aaddition to the Eagle Company Family. has served in a com- Triple Deuce History...A partI’m happy to announce that Nichole and bat zone. of a brotherhood for years toI will be having our second child! come..” - LTC Funck(Nichole, sorry but I couldn’t resist!) EAGLE COMPANY SOARS WITH BUSHMASTER COMPANY Eagle Company soldiers attached to Bushmaster Company, 2-22IN had to support of a very difficult mission. These soldiers were separated from the rest of the company and lived with B Co, 2-22IN in less than favorable conditions with minimal equipment and yet still found a way to go above and beyond their scopes and duties to cook and maintain vehicles. “That SPC Lehman can fix just “CPT Fisher, your cooks are doing about anything...I have no really well. The guys love them! idea how he does it!” They’re some real hard workers. CPT Miller Can we keep them?” (Bushmaster Co. Commander) -1SG Harmon (Bushmaster Co. 1SG)
  8. 8. APRIL 2013 Page 8 Chaplain’s Corner to be a somewhat parachute covering both the historical landmark walls and ceiling of the for the FOB: it was Chapel. This is a very unique FOB built a number of design for a FOB Chapel, and Warrior years ago by the Pol- we are blessed to have it for a Chapel ish, and the interior time during our deployment. depicts Polish inte- rior design. The pic- ture to the left showsTo our surprise, the 2-22 IN the exterior of the Chapel.Unit Ministry Team (UMT) The picture to the rightwas blessed to have a solid shows the interior of the Inside the Chapelstructure for our worship Chapel. Notice the hard at FOB Warriorservices. The chapel seems wooden benches, and the Each of you shouldBlessings From The give what you have decided in yourStates (Free X) heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion,God is good, all the time, all is lifted when mail enters the for God loves athe time, God is good. We FOB. Soldiers know they are cheerful giver.”are so blessed to have sup- receiving packages from fam-port from the American peo- ily and loved ones. But they ~2Corinthians 9:7ple. also know there are packages the Free X (as in free ex- that will be shared that are change). We areFirst, our family and friends sent from various US organi- certainly blessedhave been extremely gener- zations. The Chaplains office with goodies. Keepous by sending packages to has an area where these free ’em coming!!individual Soldiers. Morale items are placed. It is calledMuqor Protestant Service God has provided many tant service I offer is opportunities to us to offer only one of the many various services to the 2-22 worship opportunities. Soldiers. The Unit Ministry Currently we have 5 Team (UMT) is dedicated to different services that serve God and Country. By comprise of Protestant, doing this we ensure the Catholic, and Ladder free exercise of religion is Day Saints (LDS) ser- upheld and granted to all vices. our Soldiers. The Protes- Protestant ServiceDoctor Nick Drakos at a service at Muqor
  9. 9. April Update- OEF XIII “Deeds, Not Words” This publication is for the friends and familyDeployment Address: members of 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment.Last Name, First Name We continually strive to inform those in the US ofCompany, Task Force 2-22 our current mission, and everyday way of life whileFOB Warrior, Afghanistan deployed. Each company has told their stories inAPO AE, 09311 this newsletter for that particular month. We’re On Facebook! “Lead With Courage” Search for “2nd BN 22nd INF”