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The Secrets of Slide Design FOR Students (and Beyond)


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No more death by PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi… How can we teach students to be both effective communicators and digital architects of their own content? This infographic (paired with my upcoming session) will blend best practices and research-based strategies and tips for organizing content, designing and constructing slides (including theme, template, and layout), effectively and purposefully using images, color, and data, and delivering memorable presentations. Students weren’t born with a PPT clicker in their fist… BUT what your students don’t know can be taught. Secrets of Slide Design feeds your hunger for both compelling content and inspiration for appropriate student authorship.

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The Secrets of Slide Design FOR Students (and Beyond)

  1. 1. How will I HOOK my audience’s attention? How will I CAPTURE the most important details and ideas of my topic? How do the PIECES of my presentation all FIT together? How will I SUMMARIZE the topic for my audience and leave them with a lasting IMPRESSION? Do my slides have VISUAL speaking CUES? Have I used the SPEAKER NOTES? Have I CITED my content? The Secrets of Slide Design For Students Have a Creativity/Inspiration Jar (or Pinterest board) for Colors, Visuals, etc... Choose a Color that Represents Your Thoughts on a Topic Find (or Stage) a Picture that Symbolizes a Concept Play Pass the Slide Ask Yourself, "What About (Slide Design) Will Not Change in the Future?" 120+ Articles, Slide Decks, and More Infographic created by Lisa Johnson Content Images Color Delivery PROCESS Slides in 3 seconds FONT 30 or > SANS SERIF Font < 6 LINES of TEXT Per Slide 25-40% TEXT Per Slide 1 MAIN Idea/THEME Per Slide Have I used SINGLE images? Have I PAIRED my text with images? Do my images SUPPORT my text and message? How have I CREATIVELY used quotes and images to BREAK up data? Have I CITED my images? Have I used COLOR EFFECTIVELY and PURPOSEFULLY? Will my slides be CLEARLY SEEN PROJECTED, with lights on and off? "The verbal equivalent of a highlighter is to raise or lower the volume of your voice, change the speed at which you deliver the words, and/or set aside the key word or phrase with a pause before or after voicing it." - Carmine Gallo (Talk Like Ted) by Lisa Johnson Teacher Notes Teacher Notes Compiled/Adapted/Inspired by "Weaving Creativity into Every Strand of Your Curriculum." Ban Writing (On Slides) - Communicate only Visually or Verbally Teach a Lesson With Slides and Whiteboard (WITHOUT Speaking) Have Students Work on (a Presentation) and then halfway through swap groups and finish the assignment. Slide Design for Students by Lisa Johnson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Ideas for "Gently" Introducing Visual Literacy and Slide Design Quick Tips Eye Contact Body Movement Body Positioning Volume Speed Confidence Monitor Speaker Transitions Connection Between Talk and Slide Audience Participation Practice/Rehearse