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iPad Base Camps: Stations Road Map


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This is a visual road map for how to design stations for student professional development. Additional support resources are linked at the bottom.

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iPad Base Camps: Stations Road Map

  1. 1. 21 iPad Base Camps Stations Road Map • What are the essential and/or foundational skills ALL your students need to have? Think about the ones that are foundational to have in place before curriculum and classes begin. Also think about skills that are universal and all classes would benefit from but can be frustrating and/or time consuming for teachers to teach in the classroom with fidelity. • How much time do you have for students to explore stations. Select the number of skills accordingly. We only had 45-50 minutes so 4 stations was the max we could get through without negatively impacting the experience. We spent about 8 minutes at a station and left time for an introduction with directions, time to transition to stations, and time to complete an exit ticket. • What do the particulars of the tasks and apps look like? Like steps to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, write out each step, click, tap, process for each of your tasks. After doing this, walk through the task with the device and your directions and make adjustments accordingly. Instructional Design is one of the most important pieces to remember. I use a 5 part process (see below). All of the stations are designed on individual slides in Keynote which makes them easy to print and edit. • How will you design the stations so they essentially run themselves? 1. Group steps into chunks by products and processes. 2. Bold main actions or buttons that are needed. 3. Include screenshots as necessary and label and annotate them as needed. 4. Choose an icon for each station. This will help students easily locate and transition to each station. 5. Create a header page for each station. This helps students understand what their task will be, what apps are needed, and which ones will necessitate an email account. Slide Deck with More Info Blog Post with Even More Info More on Instructional Design Sample Stations and Planning Guide @TechChef4u