Pros and cons for adopting Google+


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  • Appropriatelyfor the nature of the social media technology and the health messaging
  • Pros and cons for adopting Google+

    1. 1. Google+ Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScMDept. of Public Health and Community Medicine Tufts University School of Medicine / @lisagualtieri February 15, 2012 1
    2. 2. Any social media Select goals • Patient educationdecision starts • Crisis communication • Community outreach • Customer servicewith overall • Public relationssocial mediastrategy Evaluate social media Decide which social media effectiveness technologies to use • What are meaningful metrics? • Who are you trying to reach? • How can they be measured? • What do they use? • What do your competitors use? Use social media • How to use appropriately? • How to integrate? • What content? • Who manages/participates? • How much time? 2
    3. 3. Iteration is necessary• Internally – Your needs and expertise change• Externally – Social media technologies change • Example: Facebook profiles, privacy, and timeline – How people use social media changes – Which are popular and demographics of use change • Examples: Second Life, MySpace, and Pinterest – Health situations and needs change 3
    4. 4. For each social media technology• Who chooses? Are any policies necessary?• How to use a specific technology appropriately?• How a technology is integrated with others and with a website?• How to select, create, and curate content?• Who manages a technology? Who else participates?• How much time does it take to set up, use, and monitor and does it involve off-hour?• What are the risks and how can they be mitigated? 4
    5. 5. Types of social media1. Twitter campaigns2. Facebook 18.Virtual hugs and gifts and other3. Google+ indicators4. Blogs 19.eCards5. YouTube and video sharing 20.Online and permission-based6. Podcasts eNewsletters7. Flickr and photo sharing 21.Icons to share content8. Pinterest 22.Social bookmarking9. Wikipedia 23.Contests10.LinkedIn groups 24.Crowdsourcing and collective11.“Like” intelligence12.Ratings and reviews 25.Games and gamification13.Comments 26.QR codes14.Q&A or Ask the Expert 27.Location-based technologies15.On demand chat, scheduled chat, 28.Holidays (day, week, or month) and other online events 29.Realtime, specialized, and social16.SMS, messaging, and texting media search17.Buttons and badges for health 30.Website integration 5
    6. 6. Google+ 101• Circles control information sharing, supporting – Mutual relationships where personal information can be shared, Facebook-style – Unidirectional model of Twitter• Stream – View incoming information, like Facebook news feed or Twitter stream – Circles gives control• Hangouts (think local bar) – Audio/video meetings with group up to 10 – Anyone from selected circles can drop in and out 6
    7. 7. My Profile – Light User 7
    8. 8. Will the circle be unbroken… 8
    9. 9. Google+ 102• “Vanity” urls – – Example:• Hovercard or mini-bio – What someone on Google+ has in front of them for quick decision – Mine says: Lisa Gualtieri (you) Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine 9
    10. 10. Google 102+• Look at how Google+ page looks to others• Promote it – an art into itself• Capitalize on Google+ search, social search, and other Google products• Get in circles, think segmentation• Use imagery• Share content, create polls, etc.• Play with hangouts• Check which features are added/changed 10
    11. 11. Case study 1: Anatomy of a Google+ page 11
    12. 12. Case study 2: Hospital use of Google+ 12
    13. 13. Conclusions• Cons for adopting Google+ – It takes time to set up and connect to others – It takes time to craft appropriate messaging and not just reuse Facebook and Twitter posts – It is one more social media to monitor• Pros for adopting Google+ – It is pervasive because Google is pervasive especially with social search – Despite Facebook copying innovative features, it is not dying a slow death and seems to have potential13