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Social Media and Social Business Overview


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A bit about my background and how I got involved with social. Then an overview of social in general, the players in social media, how to get started, what to look out for, and what the benefits of social media are for companies. Also reviews the in-house "social business" solutions, some tips for vendor selection, obstacles to look out for, and the benefits of these solutions.

Social is important & real, but this presentation also demystifies what is essentially one other communications tool in your tool belt.

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Social Media and Social Business Overview

  1. 1. Social Media andSocial Business – AnOverview
  2. 2. About STS Collaboration – its about people working together better Server and collaboration software sales Key values: service, knowledge, education Early adopters of “social”: Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  3. 3. About Lisa Duke Career in IT & sales Also responsible for “shoestring” marketing Currently manage companys Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other social sites plus email newsletter and website. Doing the same for a client company, and planning to add two additional clients shortly. Host, Get Social Do Business podcast Speaker, UKLUG, MWLUG, IAMLUG, Lotusphere, WITI
  4. 4. What is “Social”? Self publishing for the non-technical Social Media: External facing. Blogs, microblogs, profiles, IM, wiki, collaborative real-time editors, social bookmarking, file sharing, forums, networking, recommendations & search, online meetings Social Business: Internal facing. Enterprise social software is bringing these concepts into the business for more private conversations.
  5. 5. Who Are the Players in SocialMedia? LinkedIn – professional networking Facebook – personal connecting, B2C brands Twitter – brief status updates Deal sites (Groupon) & location- based sites (Foursquare) Many more – check http://www.getsocialdobusiness for interviews with business users
  6. 6. Get Started! Develop a social media strategy. How will you use these sites? Customer service? Marketing? Listening for potential clients? Social media works well for market awareness and staying in touch with customers and prospects, but does not work as well for lead generation. You dont have to know all the answers before you start. Develop a social media policy. Will employees be allowed to participate on sites during work time? As themselves? As the business? Reserve your company name on the major sites to prevent fraud & squatting immediately. Start “lurking” and finding people and conversations to follow.
  7. 7. The Most Authentic Voice forYou Is You The Lisa Duke rule: Dont pay people for work unless you can see them do it. If you cant see the work, pay for the results. If the person doesnt know enough about your business or isnt seasoned enough to represent you in a meeting, how will they represent you online? Having said that, having someone help you through the strategy and learning curve can be worthwhile.
  8. 8. So... Why Bother? Like websites and email newsletters, it is affordable outreach Perfect for maintaining top of mind awareness Great for building trust and relationships Prove your firms expertise Dont be left out – people will start to wonder about your company if you are not represented Instant communication for urgent situations Extensive public track record shortens sales cycle and improves close ratio Opens other opportunities – speaking engagements, book deals
  9. 9. Who Are the Players in SocialBusiness? IBM Connections Jive Socialtext Microsoft SharePoint Salesforces Chatter Yammer Many more – check http://www.getsocialdobusiness for interviews with vendors
  10. 10. How Do I Choose?How comfortable are you with yourexisting vendors?What features do you really need?What are your use cases? Who willuse it?Do you intend to use this internally,externally, or both?Do you want SaaS, hosting, appliance,VM, on-prem, customizable,integrateable?What is the cost now and long term?Who owns my data?
  11. 11. What Are The Obstacles? What is your user adoption strategy? Do you have executive support? If you will need IT, are they on board? What is the underlying hardware and services needs? What is the learning curve?
  12. 12. What Are The Benefits? Improved, faster idea generation Reduced travel costs & meetings Provide for knowledge management, retention, and sharing Faster new employee onboarding Bringing together geographically dispersed teams Better results faster & cheaper
  13. 13. Need Help?Lisa Duke678 378 4278info@simplified-tech.comSimplified Technology Solutions, Inc.2451 Cumberland Pkwy., Ste 3687Atlanta, GA 30339