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Lotus live ibm client references


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Lotus live ibm client references

  1. 1. <ul>LotusLive Client References June 2011 </ul>
  2. 2. <ul>Business value drives LotusLive client momentum </ul>
  3. 3. LotusLive Client Profile White Space – Enterprise and MidMarket – Social Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry Panasonic Japan LL Engage, LL Connections, LL Notes and iNotes Electronics/ Manufacturing Akojaya Malaysia LL Engage Direct Selling/Marketing Bumba Desa Indonesia LL Engage Food Services/ Restaurant
  4. 4. <ul>Panasonic Ushers in cloud computing with LotusLive to connect global workforce in the cloud </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Panasonic is a market and technology leader in consumer and industrial electronics. Panasonic's vision is to become the #1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018. Panasonic will leverage IT innovation to enable business units globally to operate as “One Panasonic.” As part of its globalization efforts, the company embarked on an information technology (IT) initiative to improve competitive advantage and overall business results by helping its multiple business units work together more efficiently. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Adopted IBM's LotusLive cloud collaboration services to enable its workforce to communicate and collaborate more efficiently with its global network of customers, partners and suppliers. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Low cost and rapid deployment will provide cost savings.
  5. 5. Superior extranet capabilities will allow Panasonic to provide a set of cloud collaboration tools for immediate access across all regions -- connecting global project teams and best practices for product research, development and sales and giving Panasonic an edge over competitors. </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul>Akojaya Improves communication, saves time and reduces expenses </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Akojaya is a market leading, multi-level marketing company in Malaysia that distributes tableware and glassware to its 50,000 dealer members as well as to department stores. Akojaya needed a way to improve its sales cycle by getting marketing information out more quickly to its members, many of whom have full-time jobs. Coordinating meetings and gatherings around members’ busy schedules and travel requirements was difficult. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Akojaya chose IBM LotusLive Engage to collaborate with its best performing members to make selling its products easier. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Saved mailing costs and helped ensure that members have the most current information by allowing them to see the latest catalogs and pricing online.
  7. 7. Cut travel costs while still increasing attendance at meetings and gatherings because dealer member updates are now conducted via Web conferencing.
  8. 8. Cost-effective and accessible with predictable monthly costs. </li></ul>
  9. 9. <ul>Bumbu Desa Restaurant business embraces social business in the cloud </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Indonesia restaurant chain with new locations expanding into Singapore and Malaysia. Growing from three branches five years ago to 38 branches in 2010; the different franchises of Bumbu Desa were having a hard time staying connected with one another. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Using IBM LotusLive Engage, employees across the franchises can now quickly share information regarding daily sales reports, new menus, new ways to greet guests, and other restaurant related issues via file sharing – instead of using fax or overnight mail. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Access to cloud collaboration tools including integrated Web conferencing, social networking, file storing and sharing, and instant messaging helps employees across franchises to easily connect with one another.
  10. 10. LotusLive's unique &quot;guest account&quot; model provides free-of-charge access of LotusLive to customers and food reviewers. </li></ul>
  11. 11. LotusLive Client Profile Lotus – Enterprise and MidMarket – Social Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry Australian Bureau of Statistics Australia LL Engage Government Lofotkraft Norway LL Engage Energy and Utilities Russell's Convenience US West LL Engage Retail
  12. 12. <ul>The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has the mission to &quot;assist and encourage informed decision making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by leading a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.&quot; </ul><ul><li>The ABS are members of several international networks developing standards and applications for statistical processing.
  13. 13. LotusLive Engage is being used by ABS for increased project collaboration with other international statistical agencies.
  14. 14. The international project teams have been able to quickly share skills, intellectual property and assets while designing and co-developing statistical standards and applications -- all within a security-rich, cost-effective environment that LotusLive provides. </li></ul><ul>Helping clients become a social business by connecting and working outside the firewall </ul>
  15. 15. <ul>Lofotkraft Connecting staff, partners and vendors to build stronger ties </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Lofotkraft is a regional energy company in Lofoten Islands, Norway. The company needed a better way to communicate with branch offices and do business with partners and vendors outside the firewall – all while reducing IT complexity and cost. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Lofotkraft chose IBM LotusLive Engage to share files, manage projects, host meetings and instant message with partners, vendors and colleagues. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>LotusLive’s unique &quot;guest account&quot; model provides free-of- charge access to Lofotkraft’s partners and vendors – enabling all to collaborate on projects, share information and join web meetings.
  16. 16. Reduction in confusing email threads and elimination of version control issues.
  17. 17. Because all LotusLive services are integrated and available from a single dashboard in the IBM cloud, Lofotkraft and its partners can easily collaborate and meet anytime, anywhere – strengthening relationships. </li></ul>
  18. 18. “ LotusLive is helping our licensee's operate as one business --one that is connected, informed, and cohesive. By collaborating in the cloud, our employees can come together as if they are all in the same location, ensuring that business decisions are made efficiently and quickly. ” Raymond Huff, President, HJB Convenience Corporation, Russell's Convenience <ul>Russell's Convenience Retailer gets social in the cloud to transform business </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Russell's Convenience, a leader in convenience service retail with 24 stores located across the western US and Hawaii, was struggling to keep track of day-to-day issues; as a result many fell through the cracks. They needed an easy way to connect to solve problems more quickly, and a better system for working beyond the firewall with licensees, vendors and partners. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Russell's chose IBM LotusLive social collaboration cloud services as a step to becoming a social business, enabling more seamless, transparent communications between management and licensees. Instead of searching through emails or picking up the phone, all store issues are compiled and stored in one central place in the IBM cloud which is easily accessible to experts inside and outside the company. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Using “activities” to track issues and web meetings to hash out solutions, the company is now solving problems and completing projects faster.
  19. 19. LotusLive's unique &quot;guest account&quot; model provides free-of-charge access to Russell's suppliers. This enables their architectural firm to join LotusLive so Russell's can review and approve plans online, speeding remodeling projects and cutting travel costs.
  20. 20. Improved process for correcting bugs and upgrades to store POS software because the vendor now has access to the online activity and gets first hand knowledge of any issues as they are reported-- improving store operations. </li></ul>
  21. 21. LotusLive Client Profile White Space – Enterprise and MidMarket –Social and Third party application integration Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry Signature Mortgage North America LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Banking/Real Estate aatranslations UK LLEngage and VondleLive Professional Services Canderel Canada LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Real Estate The Horton Group North America LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Insurance Pharmacare North America LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Healthcare State of Vermont North America LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Government Gunster Law Firm North America LL Engage and Silanis e-SignLive Legal
  22. 22. <ul>Signature Mortgage Increases revenue while reducing time and cost of doing business </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Signature Mortgage Corporation is a fast-growing mortgage company that provides thousands of customers with creative, low-cost, and hassle-free mortgage solutions. The company wanted to re place its manual, paper-based application process which was time consuming, giving customers the opportunity to shop around for loan products from other lenders. </ul><ul>Solution </ul>Signature Mortgage worked with IBM Business Partner Silanis Technology Inc. to implement a solution based on Silanis e-SignLive integrated with IBM LotusLive Engage to create a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for signing mortgage application documents online. <ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Faster loan processing. Applications returned within 24-48 hrs compared to 7 –10 days. Loans closed in < 25 days vs. 45 – 60 days national average.
  23. 23. Higher loan revenue and profits; 34% increase in loan volume and $30K additional revenue per month.
  24. 24. Reduced processing costs: 85% reduction in shipping costs; $1,500 hard cost savings per month. </li></ul>
  25. 25. <ul>aatranslations Reduces costs and improves productivity </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>aatranslations is a fast-growing, innovative translation services company with corporate clients in the United Kingdom and other European markets. The company needed a more efficient way to work with clients and translators in different organizations and geographic locations. </ul><ul>Solution </ul>Working with IBM Business Partners FreshTL and Bricsys, aatranslations implemented a cloud solution based on the integration of IBM LotusLive Engage and Vondle Live. Using the combined services, the company can share and edit documents online and host web meetings. They can easily collaborate with clients and translators without having to exchange numerous e-mails, open separate documents or worry about compromising version control. <ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Sharing files is now significantly easier as each user can simply log into their LotusLive account to view the latest version of the file.
  26. 26. Even large files can be viewed in seconds through the browser, and there is no need for the user to have the original software installed.
  27. 27. The company can create guest accounts for customers and freelance translators to collaborate more easily. </li></ul>
  28. 28. <ul>Canderel Reduces the time and cost to close commercial real estate deals </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Canderel is one of Canada’s largest real-estate development and property management companies. Because closing a commercial real estate deal is a time-consuming and paper-intensive process, Canderel decided to replace the manual, paper-based process with an electronic solution. </ul><ul>Solution </ul>Canderel worked with IBM Business Partner Silanis Technology Inc. to implement a solution based on Silanis e-SignLive integrated with IBM LotusLive Engage. Canderel uses the combined services to complete high-value real estate deals online. The solution enables all parties to come together in LotusLive to negotiate and sign deals electronically, hold online meetings and remotely monitor the progress of signing activities in real-time. <ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Reduces time and costs associated with closing real estate deals.
  29. 29. Supports Canderel’s green efforts by eliminating the need to print and ship multiple copies of documents for individuals to sign and review.
  30. 30. Centralized oversight of the negotiation and closing process allows Canderel to keep deals on track.
  31. 31. Prevents documents from being submitted if they are missing any information or signatures minimizing legal and non-compliance risks. </li></ul>
  32. 32. <ul>LotusLive client references </ul><ul><ul><li>Wanted to eliminate paper from its contracting and document delivery processes to cut down on travel time and costs.
  33. 33. Chose IBM LotusLive Engage and Silanis e-SignLive to provide its nearly 400 clients and 50 plus consultants with the ability to electronically negotiate, sign and renew yearly contracts over the web.
  34. 34. Saves on travel and postage while freeing up its consultants to spend more time generating new business locally. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The State of Vermont needed a more efficient way for government agencies to sign contracts with external parties.
  35. 35. Chose IBM LotusLive Engage and Silanis e-SignLive to create a simple and cost-effective solution for signing contracts online with outside businesses vendors.
  36. 36. Reduces operational expenses and maximizes worker productivity; easy-to-use and set-up and does not overburden IT staff. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Gunster Law, one of Florida’s veteran commercial law firms, wanted to eliminate the costs and long wait-times associated with hand signing legal documents.
  37. 37. Taking customer service to the next level. Gunster now uses LotusLive and Silanis’ e-SignLive electronic signature service to give its clients the ability to electronically sign documents at any time and from any location in the world.
  38. 38. Moving signing processes to the web enhances Gunster’s already innovative extranet site, which gives clients easy, instant access to key business files. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Horton Group needed to find an efficient and less costly way to train employees on its privacy policy.
  39. 39. Using IBM LotusLive Engage and Silanis eSignLive, Horton makes the privacy policy document available online so employees can carefully review and accept the policy at their own pace from any location in the country.
  40. 40. Eliminates need for executives to travel to individual offices to hold training sessions.
  41. 41. Reduces resource costs and produces a strong audit trail. </li></ul></ul>Gunster Law Firm Florida law firm improves client services State of Vermont Reduces expenses and improves productivity <ul>The Horton Group Insurer streamlines training process and reduces costs </ul>Pharmacare Pharmacy consulting firm streamlines contracting process
  42. 42. LotusLive Client Profile White Space – MidMarket - Email – Growth Markets Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry Shriram Transport Finance Company India LL iNotes Banking/Transportation Minilec India LL iNotes Manufacturing Paragon Footwear India LL iNotes Manufacturing
  43. 43. <ul>Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. Firm moves to IBM cloud email for reliability and efficiency </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>India's largest commercial vehicle financing company needed a better way to communicate with its field sales force. The company has 484 offices and service centers and more than 14,000 employees. Employees and sales reps found it challenging to do business with their clients and with one another. While some employees had access to email, the provider was often unreliable -- emails were lost and performance was low. Shriram needed an email solution that could accommodate rapid growth and perform with speed and consistency. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Shriram Transport Finance chose IBM LotusLive iNotes to provide all of its field sales reps with reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud email, which can be accessed on the road, at their desk and from their mobile devices. </ul><ul>Benefit </ul><ul><li>Provides essential mail, calendar and contact management so sales reps can now easily communicate with headquarters and can quickly get the latest sales and marketing information to more quickly finalize agreements with clients. </li></ul>
  44. 44. <ul>LotusLive client references </ul><ul><ul><li>Faced numerous issues with its previous email provider including excessive unplanned downtime and the inability to access emails through mobile devices.
  45. 45. Adopted LotusLive iNotes web-based email solution and implemented it across the enterprise.
  46. 46. Employees now have consistent access to email, increased storage and can access email with their mobile devices.. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Industrial electronics manufacturer in India, faced numerous issues with its previous email provider including low availability, unscheduled downtime, loss of email messages, large volumes of spam and other security issues.
  47. 47. Chose LotusLive iNotes to increase the availability and reliability of its email service.
  48. 48. Access to enterprise grade anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities has eliminated mail loss and added mobile mail access. </li></ul></ul>Minilec Leading electronics manufacturer in India improves email service Paragon Footwear Indian footwear manufacturer improves email reliability and access
  49. 49. LotusLive Client Profile Enterprise and MidMarket-Email–Moved to LotusLive from competitor Client Name Geography /Location Services Purchased Industry Competitor C & D Foods Ireland LL iNotes Manufacturing/ Wholesale Distribution HQ remains on Notes on-premises Moved acquired company off Exchange GMCH North America LL Notes Automotive Moved off Exchange after acquisition FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising North America LL iNotes Education Moved students off various free webmail accounts Crawford and Company North America LL iNotes Insurance Moved temporary workers off personal email accounts
  50. 50. <ul>C&D Foods, based in Longford, Ireland, is one of Europe's leading high quality pet food manufacturers. In operation since the late 1960’s, C&D Foods produces more than 150,000 tons of pet food annually to include dry, cans, and single serve in pouches and aluminium and has facilities in three countries in Europe. </ul><ul><li>When C&D acquired a canning facility in the Netherlands last year, they needed a quick and cost-effective way to move email users at that facility off Microsoft Exchange.
  51. 51. An existing Notes/Domino shop, C&D decided to move the users in the Netherlands facility to the cloud using LotusLive iNotes.
  52. 52. With its simple administration tools and user-friendly interface, LotusLive iNotes helped take the pressure off the migration team.
  53. 53. C&D was able to move users to LotusLive iNotes quickly and easily without any interruption to their network or IT infrastructure. </li></ul><ul>Simplifying IT management </ul>
  54. 54. <ul>General Motors Components Holdings LLC (GMCH), a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, has plants in New York, Michigan and Indiana that manufacture HVAC climate control systems, power train cooling systems, engine management systems, automotive electronics and related products. </ul><ul><li>Formerly part of the Delphi Corporation, GMCH needed to move all employees to GM compatible systems after the acquisition from Delphi.
  55. 55. GMCH wanted a cloud solution that would meet GM's requirements for performance and reliability without the capital expenditure necessary to run email in-house. They chose LotusLive Notes for the flexibility of the service and because of IBM's enterprise experience.
  56. 56. LotusLive Notes is providing employees with cloud based email, calendar and contact management services.
  57. 57. LotusLive Connections will facilitate collaboration between employees. </li></ul><ul>Simplifying IT management </ul>
  58. 58. <ul>The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), is a private college in California specializing in the fashion design, interior design and entertainment industries. </ul><ul><li>LotusLive iNotes will provide all 7,500 students with reliable Webmail.
  59. 59. FIDM's goal was to offer all incoming and current students email accounts with a consistent FIDM domain so the administration and faculty could communicate with the student body more effectively.  
  60. 60. FIDM also wanted to ensure that its students had a professional email account to use when applying for internships or jobs after graduation.   Prior to moving to LotusLive iNotes, students used their free, personal email accounts and the administration did not always have the correct email address for every student on campus. </li></ul><ul>Simplifying IT management </ul>
  61. 61. <ul>Crawford & Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world's largest independent provider of claims management solutions to the risk management and insurance industry, as well as self-insured entities with a global network of more than 700 locations in 63 countries. </ul><ul><li>Crawford purchased LotusLive iNotes to provide cost effective email services to catastrophe adjusters.
  62. 62. With LotusLive iNotes the company can provide their adjusters in the field with a consistent email domain and a security-rich environment to share information with clients as well as internal communication. This enhances Crawford & Company's ability to maintain continuity, consistency and professionalism over email use by its catastrophe adjusters.
  63. 63. Crawford & Company also found it was more cost-effective to provide web mail to catastrophe adjusters who may only work for the company for a short period of time during a disaster and then not again until another event occurs. </li></ul><ul>Simplifying IT management </ul>
  64. 64. LotusLive Client Profile Lotus – Enterprise - Email – Not Committed to Domino as app platform Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry General Milling Corporation Philippines LL Collaboration Suite/ LL Notes and LL Engage Food Production and Wholesale Distributor
  65. 65. <ul>General Milling Corporation (GMC) is one of the largest integrated food companies in the Philippines with offices and plants located throughout the country. </ul><ul><li>In business for 50 years, the company was looking for a reliable and cost-effective collaboration platform as a foundation for growth as they aim to become one of the top food producers in Philippines.
  66. 66. LotusLive Collaboration Suite will provide its employees with cloud-based email and advanced collaboration tools.
  67. 67. Moving email to the cloud with LotusLive Notes helps the company to expand IT resources while still having access to business-class messaging and the latest technologies from IBM. Part of the Collaboration Suite, LotusLive Engage will help enable GMC to promote greater collaboration among its widely dispersed work-force, its partners and vendors. </li></ul><ul>Helping clients become a social business by connecting and working outside the firewall </ul>
  68. 68. LotusLive Client Profile Lotus – Enterprise - Email – Committed to Domino as app platform Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry La Palette Rouge/LPR France LL Collaboration Suite/ LL Notes and Engage (hybrid solution) Travel and Transportation
  69. 69. <ul>La Pallette Rouge (LPR) has become Europe’s No.2 pallet pooling operator exclusively dedicated to the fast-moving consumer goods sector, handling more than 40 million pallet movements a year. </ul><ul><li>LPR wanted to improve its customer relations and internal collaboration. The company also wanted to enable its employees to access collaborative services on-and off-site with fixed or mobile workstations.
  70. 70. LPR chose the LotusLive Collaboration Suite to provide employees with cloud-based email and advanced collaboration tools.
  71. 71. Moving to the cloud allows the company to focus IT resources on its core business and invest in new projects.
  72. 72. LPR is also taking advantage of IBM's hybrid solution by continuing to keep its Domino applications on-premises. </li></ul><ul>Helping clients become a social business by connecting and working outside the firewall </ul>
  73. 73. LotusLive Client Profile Enterprise and MidMarket-Web conferencing Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry KeyBank North America LL Meetings Banking IndiaFirst Life Insurance India LL Meetings Insurance Northern New England Poison Center North America LL Meetings Healthcare Varsity Spirit Fashions North America LL Meetings Clothing Manufacturer
  74. 74. <ul>KeyBank Simplifying web conferencing and reducing costs </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>Cleveland-based KeyCorp is one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $90 billion. The company wanted to consolidate the broad set of web conferencing tools used throughout the company into one cost-effective solution. </ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>KeyBank chose IBM LotusLive Meetings to hold online meetings internally with management and staff and externally with global contractors. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Replacing the company's existing web conferencing tools resulted in a significant cost reduction.
  75. 75. Having only one web conference provider for the organization simplifies web meetings and helps improve productivity.
  76. 76. LotusLive’s unique &quot;guest account&quot; makes it easy to invite external participants.
  77. 77. LotusLive Meetings integrates with Lotus Notes enabling the company to take advantage of its existing on-premises investment. </li></ul>
  78. 78. <ul>IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company reduces training costs with meetings in the cloud </ul><ul>Business challenge </ul><ul>IndiaFirst Life Insurance, an insurance company headquartered in Mumbai, India, has a branch network of over 4,800 banks across more than 1,000 cities and towns in India. <li>With a large sales force, including office employees and sales agents scattered across the country, the company needed an easy way to hold essential business meetings without requiring all employees to meet in one location. </li></ul><ul>Solution </ul><ul>Using IBM LotusLive Meetings, top management, sales managers and the entire sales force can meet on the fly and during regularly scheduled meetings to ensure everyone has all of the information necessary to ensure monthly sales goals are being met. </ul><ul>Benefits </ul><ul><li>Decreased training costs; facilitates collaboration between marketing and sales teams to create a more powerful sales engine.
  79. 79. Ability to hold online management meetings with all employees to explain the company’s strategy and communicate corporate policies improves effectiveness of the entire organization. </li></ul>
  80. 80. <ul>LotusLive client references </ul><ul><ul><li>Varsity Spirit Fashions needed a better way to train its 300 geographically dispersed sales staff and to get new information out to the field quickly and efficiently.
  81. 81. Chose IBM LotusLive Meetings to hold training sessions, roll out new products and communicate new procedures and initiatives.
  82. 82. Virtual face-to-face meetings in the cloud cut down email communication and improved rapport with sales staff; increased productivity and lowered travel costs. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Northern New England Poison Center needed an efficient way to communicate with staff located in different states and to spread its prevention message to partners in the poison and substance abuse community without spending a lot on travel.
  83. 83. Chose IBM LotusLive Meetings to share and review presentations and hold training sessions and webinars with external audiences.
  84. 84. Able to get prevention information out to larger audience while saving time and money on travel. </li></ul></ul>Northern NE Poison Center Lowers travel costs and improves communication Varsity Spirit Fashions Cheerleading apparel company streamlines sales training
  85. 85. LotusLive Client Profile Other/Non-profit Client Name Geography/Location Services Purchased Industry Zoo Aquarium Association Australia LL Engage Non-profit RRTN North America LLEngage Non-profit Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Germany LL Engage Non-profit/Healthcare
  86. 86. <ul>Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australia links over 90 zoos and aquariums across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific in a network for wildlife conservation, environmental education and wildlife research. Its main activity is the Australasian Species Management Program (ASMP) which has a mission &quot;to plan and manage animal collections cooperatively, in ways that promote sustainability and contribute to species conservation.&quot; </ul><ul><li>The Association has adopted LotusLive Engage as its collaboration platform.
  87. 87. LotusLive will help the zoo to collaborate on more than 100 ASMP species programs that involve teams implementing best practice policy across the region.
  88. 88. The Association has found the platforms' enhanced security and ease of use to be an effective way of disseminating current information and collecting feedback. </li></ul><ul>Helping clients become a social business by connecting and working outside the firewall </ul>
  89. 89. <ul>LotusLive client references </ul><ul><ul><li>DAH needed a low-cost and out-of-the box cloud solution to support collaboration and information exchange among its employees and associates.
  90. 90. Chose IBM LotusLive Engage for activity management, to share documents and host online meetings and webcasts.
  91. 91. Improved communication and collaboration capabilities and reduced costs.
  92. 92. LotusLive 'free guest' model allows DAH to invite external parties to collaborate at no cost. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>RRTN needed a simple, secure and cost-effective way to support interactions among program staff, partners, youths and mentors, many who are widely separated by geography.
  93. 93. Adopted IBM's LotusLive Engage cloud collaboration services to support collaborative strategy and planning, community building, research, team projects and technology development.
  94. 94. Cost advantages accrue from savings on hardware, IT staffing, telephony and travel. </li></ul></ul>Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. AIDS organization reduces costs and improves productivity Robert R. Taylor Network MIT education program facilitates economic empowerment in the cloud