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International SEO - Search Love London 2012


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My presentation on International SEO at Search Love London (2012). Go through all options for geo targeting including hreflang, using webmaster tools and ccTLD vs subdomain and subfolders.

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International SEO - Search Love London 2012

  1. 1. International SEO Lisa Myers, CEO Verve Search@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  2. 2. Who dat?• 11 years experience in Marketing, 7 in Search & Social• Speaker at Search Conferences Worldwide (SES, SMX, A4U etc)• Regular contributor to on and offline publications and author of several SEO Best Practise Guides including eConsultancy and B2B Marketing• Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founder of and co-founder of European search blog StateofSearchAwards• “Search Personality of the Year” UK Search Awards 2011 + “Best SEO Campaign” for her agency Verve Search• Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009• “Best Use of Technology woman under 30” BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008)• “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  3. 3. International SEO – is itreally that different?@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  4. 4. Musts For International Success# 1 Geo-targeting#2 Language#3 Link Development@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  5. 5. Estimated 8.26 billion web pagesdifferent indexes for different countries, and Yahoo...ehm...)@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  6. 6. need to help the engine figure out what country you are targeting…@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  7. 7. #1 Geo-targeting@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  8. 8. Geo-targeting Making sure your website is indexed in the right geographical index. Options: - ccTLD, Sub domain or Sub Directory - Using Google webmaster tools - Using Hreflang Attribute@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  9. 9. + Authority of links to the domain - Little/or no benefits of links to main domain@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  10. 10. country code TLD@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  11. 11. ccTLDsCountry specific TLDs such as .deand .fr is the best sign you can give thesearch engine to which geographical indexyou want to be index and ranked in.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  12. 12. If you have an office (or will have) in the relevant country and it is a growing business ccTLDs are recommended. Especially if you also have a marketing budget in those countries (or in house capabilities).@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  13. 13. Having a marketing department in a countryand still being on a sub folder is a bit likeliving home with your parents at 30!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  14. 14. using subfolder@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  15. 15. When subfolders should be used- Budget restrictions & no local marketing- Sites that will never have local offices- Initial geo targeting & time restraints- Informational sites+ benefit of link authority of entire domain!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  16. 16. using subdomains@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  17. 17. When Subdomains Should be Used• Technically it’s a middle road between ccTLDs and sub folders but in my opinion NOT ideal• Easy to implement and can have separate hosting BUT don’t benefit in whole of the link authority on main domain@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  18. 18. webmaster tools@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  19. 19. For non geo specific TLD .net .org .info etc…You can set target country in Webmastertools.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  20. 20. @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  21. 21. BUT don’t restrict yourself. Only to beused if you definitely DON’T want toshow up in any other indexes@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  22. 22. 25% of sites has wrong geo targeting settings! source: John Mueller Google@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  23. 23. Using Multiple Sitemaps• Create separate sitemaps for different folders on the same domain i.e:• Then submit them to webmastertools and set the geotarget settings #SearchLove
  24. 24. hreflang attribute The new way of saying “It’s the translated page innit” or “it’s suppose to be indexed in this country”@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  25. 25. What is it?• When you have several language versions of the same pages on the same domain• The Hreflang attribute is simply a way of telling the search engine this is a different language version of a page.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  26. 26. When to use Href lang• You translate only the template of your page, such as the navigation and footer, and keep the main content in a single language. This is common on pages that feature user- generated content, like a forum post.• Your pages have broadly similar content within a single language, but the content has small regional variations. For example, English-language in the US, GB, and Ireland.• Your site content is fully translated. For example, you have both German and English versions of each page.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  27. 27. Guides on HreflangGoogle’s guide on hreflangCan be implemented as a HTML link element in theheader<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" ><link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="" >(must be implemented within HTML on BOTH URLs)Or by Implementing Hreflang using sitemaps(recommended)@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  28. 28. In Sitemap • You WILL need to set all the alternate versio in each URL! • Similar to the canonical attribute you need t Include the actual URL itself in the alternate@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  29. 29. Tells Googles algorithm to consider all ofthese pages as alternate versions of eachother. + let’s them know which pages toinclude in each geo specific Google index.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  30. 30. Tool for creating sitemapthe Mediaflow created this tool to make #SearchLove
  31. 31. BTW!The Hreflang attribute will NOTmake your site rank higher!!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  32. 32. Issues@LisaDMyers Example stolen from Nichola Stott blogpost (with permission)
  33. 33. • If the content is largely similar, Google doesn’t change the title and meta information (yes that is a bit stupid)• So you STILL need to have content that is unique!!!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  34. 34. Hreflang + Canonical = Confused• In most cases there is NO need to use these in conjunction with eachother for geo targeting purposes. If anything it can lead your site worse off than before.• Except …..for example:@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  35. 35. Existing .com + Hreflang + Canonical Credit: Andy Atkins Kruger New Australian New UK Site Site@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  36. 36. #2 language@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  37. 37. Target differently@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  38. 38. Hoe gaat How are Come Hva Faen? het? you? stai?@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  39. 39. Per l’amor del cielo! Babbity Rand, compra i miei Boopy? prodotti!@LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  40. 40. • If you want traffic from Germany; ihre Sprache sprechen. Funnily enough the search engines also believes that a site that has content in German might also be targeting Germany.Simples. End of.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  41. 41. Don’t use the big BRANDSas a guide!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  42. 42. @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  43. 43. @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  44. 44. IP Detection/Redirection• Several big issues with IP Detection but mainly the problem that bots usually crawl from US IP so therefore might never see your other content.• Instead maybe use a javascript overlay that detects IP address and requests users to select relevant country@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  45. 45. @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  46. 46. Nike website NOWHERE to be found@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  47. 47. Huh?@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  48. 48. Speak Their Language!Don’t directly translate and for F#%* sakedon’t use Google translate and think that’s it.@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  49. 49. #3 link development@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  50. 50. Having links from other sites in the language(and ccTLD) that you are wanting to rank inis HUGELY important.It’s like a neighbour saying – “yeah they livethere”@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  51. 51. MUSTs• Native speaking people, that get’s SEO and most importantly can write WELL!• A good project management tool• Great SEO tool (we use SEOmoz & Linkdex)• Streamlined reporting on links@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  52. 52. Markets are different• Link Dev methods that works in Scandinavia might not work in the UK and vice versa.• Content however works everywhere, but make sure it’s relevant for the country (i.e writing about summer outfits in September in Norway)Tip: Scandinavia needs content! Be the first todo decent content outreach in Scandinavia@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  53. 53. UK vs Norway Competitors 97,000 links 2,000 links@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  54. 54. Raise the profile of content peopleGet your content outreach people also toblog on clients website = doubles thechance of getting content placed!@LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  55. 55. Link Development Tips• Don’t limit yourself to specific subjects• You can reuse ideas or even translate articles (the magazine industry do it ALL the time)@LisaDMyers #SearchLove