International SEO at SES London 2014 #SESLon


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Presentation about International SEO from SES London 2014. Best practice geo targeting, using hrefflang, language and link development internationally.

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International SEO at SES London 2014 #SESLon

  1. 1. International SEO - Breaking down the borders #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  2. 2. Musts For International Success # 1 Geo-targeting #2 Language #3 Link Development #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  3. 3. Estimated 8.26 billion web pages different indexes for different countries, i.e and (or Yahoo...ehm...) #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  4. 4. You need to help the engines figure out WHICH index you want to be found in #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  5. 5. #1 geo-targeting #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  6. 6. Geo-targeting Making sure your website is indexed in the right geographical index. Options: - ccTLD, Sub domain or Sub Directory - Using Google webmaster tools - Using Hreflang Attribute #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  7. 7. + Authority of links to the domain - Little/or no benefits of links to main domain #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  8. 8. country code TLD #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  9. 9. ccTLDs Country specific TLDs such as .de and .fr is the best sign you can give the search engine to which geographical index you want to be index and ranked in. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  10. 10. If you have an office (or will have) in the relevant country and it is a growing business ccTLDs are recommended. Especially if you also have a marketing budget in those countries (or in house capabilities). #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  11. 11. Having a marketing department in a country and still being on a sub folder is a bit like living at home with your parents at 30! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  12. 12. using subfolder #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  13. 13. When subfolders should be used - Budget restrictions & no local marketing - Sites that don’t have local offices (and are not planning to open local offices) - Initial geo targeting & time restraints - Informational sites + benefit of link authority of entire domain! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  14. 14. Often this is the first option you have available to you. It’s a good start for growing brands. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  15. 15. ASOS stages this well etc When established move to ccTLD #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  16. 16. using subdomains #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  17. 17. When Subdomains Should be Used • Technically it’s a middle road between ccTLDs and sub folders but in my opinion NOT ideal • Easy to implement and can have separate hosting BUT don’t benefit in whole of the link authority on main domain That’s all I could think of. I would avoid it if you can. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  18. 18. webmaster tools #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  19. 19. For non geo specific TLD like: .com .net .org .info etc… You can set target country in Webmaster tools. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  20. 20. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  21. 21. BUT don’t restrict yourself. Only to be used if you definitely DON’T want to show up in any other indexes #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  22. 22. 25% of sites has wrong geo targeting settings! source: John Mueller Google #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  23. 23. hreflang attribute The new way of saying “It’s the translated page innit” or “it’s suppose to be indexed in this country” #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  24. 24. What is it? The Hreflang attribute is simply a way of telling the search engine this is a different language version of a page. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  25. 25. When to use Hreflang • You translate only the template of your page, such as the navigation and footer, and keep the main content in a single language • Your pages have broadly similar content within a single language, but the content has small regional variations. For example, English-language in the US, GB, and Ireland. • Your site content is fully translated. For example, you have both German and English versions of each page. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  26. 26. Guides on Hreflang Google’s guide on hreflang Can be implemented as a HTML link element in the header <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" > <link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="" > (must be implemented within HTML on BOTH URLs) Or by Implementing Hreflang using sitemaps (recommended) #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  27. 27. Tool for creating sitemap the Mediaflow created this tool to make it easier: #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  28. 28. BTW! The Hreflang attribute will NOT make your site rank higher!! And is not the same as canonical. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  29. 29. Be Aware Using hreflang and canonical together can have huge detrimental impact if done wrong #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  30. 30. #2 language #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  31. 31. Target differently #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  32. 32. YOU Need to speak the language AND understand the culture! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  33. 33. If you want traffic from Norway; Snakk Norsk for faen  Funnily enough the search engines also believes that a site that has content in Norwegian might also be targeting Norway. Simples. End of. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  34. 34. Speak Their Language! Don’t directly translate and for F#%* sake don’t use Google translate and think that’s it. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  35. 35. 21 Shades Of Verve Search #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  36. 36. Don’t use the big BRANDS as a guide! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  37. 37. #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  38. 38. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  39. 39. Nike website NOWHERE to be found #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  40. 40. #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  41. 41. IP Detection/Redirection • Several big issues with IP Detection but mainly the problem that bots usually crawl from US IP so therefore might never see your other content. • Instead maybe use a javascript overlay that detects IP address and requests users to select relevant country!!! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  42. 42. #3 link development #SESLon @LisaDMyers @LisaDMyers #SearchLove
  43. 43. Sometimes it seems like the algorithm is different from country to country. Updates DO get rolled out at different times in the country specific indexes so in a way the algo IS different. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  44. 44. If you are working in one of those countries that gets the search engine updates rolled out much later…you basically have a crystal ball into the future. Use it wisely! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  45. 45. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  46. 46. Link Development is very different in each country, what works in one country might not work in another #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  47. 47. Spain, Italy and Poland Blogger Outreach still works well. Not over saturated and people are positive and open (not jaded). #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  48. 48. Scandinavia There is little point in blogger outreach in Sweden (99% wants paying). Denmark is quickly following suit. In Norway there are all sorts of legal rules for declaring something is done with marketing intent. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  49. 49. Social Shares: By getting social shares to the page where we have a link we are enforcing trust and quality of that link! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  50. 50. Attraction of links combined with promoting of content is one of the safest strategies #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  51. 51. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  52. 52. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  53. 53. #skateseeing campaign #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  54. 54. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  55. 55. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  56. 56. Embed codes! #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  57. 57. The Potential of On Page Content Marketing #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  58. 58. UK vs Norway Competitors 97,000 links #SESLon 2,000 links @LisaDMyers
  59. 59. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  60. 60. #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  61. 61. Blogging makes outreach easier + Rel=Author #SESLon @LisaDMyers
  62. 62. Thank you! #SESLon @LisaDMyers