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Creative Content Marketing - Why, not how! #SAScon


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If I could have had a penny for every time someone has asked me "how" we at Verve Search gets such great results from our campaigns. At this keynote at #SAScon I explain WHY, not HOW, which is more important. Using Simon Sinek's brilliant Golden Circle theory to explain the importance of working from the inside out, and starting with the why. The "why" that drives the people at Verve Search is the reason why our campaigns do well. What makes us different is our mindset. And the results is the great creative campaigns that get coverage from some of the largest press and lifestyle websites in the world.

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Creative Content Marketing - Why, not how! #SAScon

  1. 1. Creative Campaigns for SEO – why, not how! #SAScon @LisaDMyers
  2. 2. Have you ever thought: Why are some companies or people more successful than others?
  3. 3. Source: Simon Sinek
  4. 4. We make great campaigns. They’re creative, innovative, beautifully designed, and easy to use. Want to buy our services? “ ”
  5. 5. We want to be THE destination for digital pioneers. We believe in thinking differently and pushing the boundaries. The way we push the boundaries is by being brave, honest, inquisitive and accountable. We just happen to make great campaigns. Want to buy our services? “ ”
  6. 6. People don’t buy WHAT you do but WHY you do it!
  7. 7. Source: Simon Sinek
  8. 8. Facts and figures don’t drive behavior People buy WHY you do it! NOT what or HOW! What you do is just the proof.
  9. 9. Facts and figures don’t drive behavior People buy WHY you do it! NOT what or HOW! What you do is just the proof.
  10. 10. Facts and figures don’t drive behavior People buy WHY you do it! NOT what or HOW! What you do is just the proof.
  11. 11. The idea needs to be simple and compact enough to be sticky and meaningful enough to be different
  12. 12. 1.Does it support our vision and values? 2.Simple yet meaningful core idea 3.Easy to use, great design and execution. WHY HOW WHAT
  13. 13. Plans just don’t work in the battlefield
  14. 14. Narvik
  15. 15. Emotional investment through collaboration makes outreach more successful
  16. 16. Data and emotions are your friends
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Nostalgia and history + technology = Sweet Spot
  20. 20. Historic London
  21. 21.
  22. 22. When your campaign is good enough to get TV coverage
  23. 23. How?
  24. 24. I won a bunch of awards before I was 35 “Best Newcomer”- B2B Marketing Awards “Best Use Of Technology” - Blackberry Woman & Technology “35 women under 35” High Achievers List - Management Today Search Personality of the Year - UK Search Awards I started my own SEO agency at 31 On my own. No business partners. I have grown the agency to become a successful and profitable 25+ people business. In the last 12 months the agency has won 9 awards
  25. 25. IQ? Upbringing ? Education? Luck? Money ?
  26. 26. I am dyslexic My grades at school were; “meh” I dropped out of university My family was bankrupt (twice!) when I grew up I had an alcoholic parent I had my first baby at 26 I started the agency in the height of the recession I had my second baby in the first year of my business Oh…. and my IQ is totally average
  27. 27. 100 people theory
  28. 28. HOW YOU THINK
  29. 29. Luke: “I can’t believe it” Yoda: “That is why you fail
  30. 30. How? Why!
  31. 31. Passion Determination Belief
  32. 32. change the way you look at things the things you look at change if you Wayne Dyer
  33. 33. Do not take on or inherit behaviors that you do not understand or want. YOU are NOT a monkey!
  34. 34. It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are. – David Brinkley
  35. 35. Thank You! Lisa@vervesearch.c om @LisaDMyers @VerveSearch