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Minecraft Winter Teacher Camp


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Teachers, spend this winter holiday learning how to integrate Minecraft into your classroom!!

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Minecraft Winter Teacher Camp

  1. 1. IUJJMECEJAFTJ” r4 rs ) H r4 I r--'‘ rs) “J P094 I 4.1 A II 554$) TEACHER CAMP December ‘IW - Jantmry 2”” Teachers, grab your pickaxe! |t’s time to dive into the world of Minecraft. Quests will introduce you to the incredible, open, sandbox world of Minecraft. While learning the basics of the game and its history, you’ll have a chance to see how other schools are using it while making connections to your own classroom. During the live field trips in Minecraft, you’| | tour real student-designed projects and have a chance to create your own while enjoying live events & Q&A with Lucas Gillispie, creator of the reknown Minecraft in School program. *Rezz| y Legendary Educators participate at no cost rezzly. com/ minecraftcamp