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The Whole Team Approach, Illustrated. Keynote from Turku Agile Days 2012


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An example of the whole team approach to quality and testing in action.

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The Whole Team Approach, Illustrated. Keynote from Turku Agile Days 2012

  1. 1. The Whole-Team Approach to Testing, Illustrated Turku Agile Days 2012 Lisa Crispin Copyright 2012, Lisa Crispin 1
  2. 2. About me…Tester, agile team member 2 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  3. 3. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams; Addison Wesley 2009
  4. 4. Whole-Team Approach is:•  Meaningful commitment to quality•  Shared vision of product•  Diversity of skills, experience, viewpoint Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  5. 5. A recent example from my team… 5
  6. 6. A Problem: User Mistakes Users mis-type bank account numbers => many phone calls for Operations 6 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  7. 7. A solution: DojoType-ahead select lists (& other features) 7 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  8. 8. A new problemWe want to help users avoid mistakes, butwe can’t have production code that’s notprotected by automated tests Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  9. 9. Looking to the future… Dojo would improve UX on our new UI… Let’s research possible solutions. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  10. 10. Team meetingDo we need training? Consulting? Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  11. 11. Sys admin volunteers to do a spike Selenium 2 Webdriver does the job! Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  12. 12. A framework spike•  Testers research framework options•  Sys admin spikes homegrown framework“George”•  Architect spikes open-source framework“Geb” Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  13. 13. First “Bake-off” “George” “Geb” 13 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  14. 14. Proof of Concept with Geb •  Developers write tests for new UI page • Testers and sys admin integrate tests into Jenkins CI •  Pros: developers more involved in GUI test design •  Cons: Learning curve for testers, result reporting 14 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  15. 15. Time for another experiment 15 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  16. 16. Another bake-offRobot Framework vs. Xebium•  Xebium uses FitNesse framework•  Robot Framework result reportingexcellent 16 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  17. 17. Proof of Concept with RF •  Sys admin helps install, integrate w/ Jenkins, customize test results, example page objects •  Testers write tests for same pages as Geb tests •  Friends help with Se 2 keywords 17 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  18. 18. Next Steps Get started in a good direction Test design & RF training Dojo training Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  19. 19. Whole Team FTW!•  Team commitment to improve site•  Sys admin, architect, developers, testers,DBAs all worked on experiments•  Gave us confidence to experiment, findthe best solution for us•  We can go forward with plans to improveUX, reduce user mistakes Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  20. 20. Your experiences & ideas?•  Has your whole team pulled together tosolve a problem?•  Do you have problems that might besolved more easily if people in multiplepositions helped? Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  21. 21. What small experiment will you try?
  22. 22. Some Agile Testing Resources••••••••• 22 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin
  23. 23. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and AgileTeamsBy Lisa Crispin and Janet 23
  24. 24. Experiences of Test AutomationDorothy Graham and Mark Fewster 24
  25. 25. Specification by ExampleHow successful teams deliver the rightsoftwareGojko AdzicCase studies from > 50 teams 25 Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin Copyright 2008 Janet Gregory, DragonFire
  26. 26. All Proceeds to Charity!Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal HowThey Improve SoftwareEdited by Tim Riley, Adam GoucherIncludes chapter by yours truly Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin 26