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Minding your own business - TestBash 2 talk


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From TestBash 2.0 Brighton, March 2013

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Minding your own business - TestBash 2 talk

  1. 1. TestBash2.0   Brighton,  UK     Lisa  C  rispin   Copyright  2013  Co-­‐author  of  Agile  Tes:ng:  A  Prac:cal  Guide  for  Testers  and  Agile  Teams,    Addison-­‐Wesley  2009  (and  now  working  on  More  Agile  Tes:ng)  
  2. 2. Mission  Impossible?  Deliver  business  value   in  a  -mely  manner,   at  a  sustainable   pace  
  3. 3. As  impossible  as…?  
  4. 4. Stakeholders  ask   for  the  “what”    Need  to  know:  Why?  Who?  How?    
  5. 5. How  can  we  learn  what  we  need  to  know?   And  aren’t  we  already  doing  enough?  
  6. 6. Mul:-­‐  dExpert  / iscipline  Discipli skills     ne   skills  Need  testers  with  T-­‐shaped  skills  
  7. 7. Some  ways  to  learn  about  the  business…  
  8. 8. Stakeholders  /   Impacts   personas   Possible  deliverables   Possible  deliverables   For  more,  see:  Impact   Mapping  by  Gojko  Adzic,  2012   9  
  9. 9. Many  techniques,  eg:   •  Mind  mapping   •  Story  mapping  •  Drawing  on  whiteboard   •  Do  you  have  others?   10  
  10. 10. Copyright  2012   11  Lisa  Crispin,  Janet  Gregory.  
  11. 11. Produc:on  support  costs  cut  >  50%   •  Reducing  mistakes   •  High  value,  low-­‐hanging   fruit  
  12. 12. Stakeholders  want  to  give  us  the  “whats”:  deliverables,  implementa:ons  
  13. 13. We  need  to  find  out  the  “whys”   Need  closer  look  at   stars   Maybe  we   just  need  a   beeer   telescope  
  14. 14. “We  need  to  enter  nega-ve  promo-on  values”  
  15. 15. “Copy  the  CSR  system,  and  make  that  into  a  point  of  sale  system”   Domain  knowledge   enabled  us  to  simplify  
  16. 16. Listen  to  customers    Customer  support  is  a  great  feedback  channel!    
  17. 17. Your  stories?