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Build Your Agile Testing Skill Set


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Mile High Agile 2015

Published in: Technology
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Build Your Agile Testing Skill Set

  1. 1. Lisa  Crispin   Co-­‐Author  with  Janet  Gregory,  Agile  Tes)ng:  A  Prac)cal   Guide  for  Testers  and  Agile  Teams,  and  the  upcoming   More  Agile  Tes)ng    
  2. 2. • A  bit  of  lecture  and  story-­‐telling   • Learning  through  exercises  and  discussions   • Ac>on  items:  experiments  to  try!    
  3. 3. With  Janet  Gregory:   Agile  Tes)ng  2009   More  Agile  Tes)ng  Oct  2014   First  agile  team  –  2000   Currently    tester  on  Pivotal  Tracker  team   TwiOer:    @lisacrispin   Email:  
  4. 4. • more  than  “just”  tes>ng  code   • an  ac>vity  -­‐  not  a  phase   6  
  5. 5. Instead  of     ◦ We’re  here  to  find  bugs  …  or  ensure   requirements  are  met  …  or  break  the   so[ware  …   Think   – How  do  we  “bake  quality   in”?   7  
  6. 6. Can  you  think  of  some  ways  that  you  cross   boundaries  in  how  you  work?   8   Also  DevOps,  UX   designers,  others  
  7. 7. Mul>-­‐  discipline   skills   Expert  /   Discipline  skills   T-­‐Shaped  Skills  
  8. 8. Copyright 2015: Lisa Crispin   Breadth of Skills DepthofSkills Square-­‐shaped  Team   See  links  for   more  by  Rob   Lambert  and   Adam  P.  Knight  
  9. 9. Idea from Marcelo Leite
  10. 10. •  Listening   •  Informing  construc>vely   •  Elici>ng  shared  understanding    
  11. 11. •  Programming  concepts   •  High  level  architecture   •  IDEs,  other  tools   •  Database  knowledge   •  Maintaining  test  environments   •  Domain  knowledge  
  12. 12. for  tes>ng  in  agile?     Discuss  at  your  tables,     be  ready  to  share  your  list   14  
  13. 13. What  skills  are  missing?     Choose  the  top  three  for   your  table,     be  ready  to  share  your   list   15  
  14. 14. • For  the  top  missing   skills,  what   collabora>ve   experiments  can  you   think  of?   16  
  15. 15. • Design  at  least  two   experiments  you  can   try  with  your  team  to   transfer  tes>ng  skills   17  
  16. 16. 18   Challenge   Yourself  !   What   experiments  will   you  try  back  at   work?  
  17. 17. •  Adzic,  Gojko,  Impact  Mapping:  Making  a  Big  Impact  with  So@ware  Products  and   Projects,  2012a  hOp://   •  Adzic,  Gojko,  Specifica)on  by  Example:  How  Successful  Teams  Deliver  the  Right   So@ware,  Manning,  2011   •  Gärtner,  Markus,  ATDD  By  Example:  A  Prac)cal  Guide  to  Acceptance  Test-­‐Driven   Development,  Addison-­‐Wesley,  2012a   •  Keogh,  Liz,  hOp://  -­‐  look  for  her  posts  on  BDD,  Real  Op>ons   •  Lambert,  Rob,  "T-­‐shaped  Testers  and  Their  Role  In  a  Team",  hOp://­‐shaped-­‐testers-­‐and-­‐their-­‐role-­‐in-­‐a-­‐team/  ,  2012   •  Karten,  Naomi,  "Are  You  Listening?",  hOp://www.agileconnec>>cle/are-­‐ you-­‐listening,  Agile  Connec>on,  2009   •  Knight,  Adam  P.,  "T-­‐shaped  Tester,  Square  Shaped  Team",  hOp://­‐shaped-­‐tester-­‐square-­‐shaped-­‐team/,  2013   •  Levison,  Mark,  "The  Beginner's  Mind  -­‐  An  Approach  to  Listening",  hOp://,  InfoQ,  2008   •  McMillan,  Darren,  "Mind  Mapping  101",  for  Tes>ng:  hOp:// www.beOertes>,  2011   •  PaOon,  Jeff,  User  Story  Mapping,  2014   •  Wynne,  MaO  and  Aslak  Hellesoy,  The  Cucumber  Book:  Behavior-­‐Driven   Development  for  Testers  and  Developers,  Pragma>c  Programmers,  2012  
  18. 18. Agile  Tes)ng:  A  Prac)cal  Guide  for   Testers  and  Agile  Teams   By  Lisa  Crispin  and  Janet  Gregory     20   More  Agile  Tes)ng:  Learning   Journeys  for  the  Whole  Team   By  Janet  Gregory  and  Lisa  Crispin   email:   TwiOer:  @lisacrispin