Internet Librarian 2009 Conference Recap @ METRO


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IL2009 recap for METRO (Metropolitan New York Library Council) event "Bringing the Internet Librarian Conference to NYC" 11/9/2009

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  • First Internet Librarian Conference.~ 800 attendees, attendance 20% down? Many first time attendees such as myself.
  • Goals: 1. Expand knowledge of current trends & devs with digital publishing, ebooks, mobile / 2. Build knowledge of best practices in web & digital services / 3.Connect with peers working in these areas / 4. To learn more re conference theme: “Net Initiatives for Tough Times”
  • Opening Keynote: Theme - “Digital Publishing, Preservation, & Practices” / VintCerf (VP & Chief Internet Evangelist for Google); interviewed by Paul Holdengraber (Director of Public Programs at NYPL). Several topics covered– including: -- copyright in the internet age, information overload (now live in a culture of brevity & abstraction) / -- “bit rot” & cloud computing (cloud computing might solve the problem of format obsolescence, with older programs available in the cloud) / --ebook content compatibility & digital rights management (books will still exist, but most content wil be digital) / -- discussion re Google Wave email/IM/tweets in one “wave” – always dynamic, with smaller communications being kept
  • “What is now ephemeral will be archived.” – Vint Cerf
  • Library 101 Launch! --Mutimediainitiative created by David Lee King and Michael Porter to promote the relevance and future of libraries and to educate others about changing roles, skills and services in libraries.
  • David Lee King & Michael Porter kicked off the project with a Library 101 rock video &sparkle pants; then showed the Library 101 website, which includes information about the project, and multiple resources about libraries, letters from experienced librarians, and President Obama – see it here!
  • Micro Interactions, Conversations & Customers: this session included another excellent presentation by David Lee King, and panelistsAmy Kearns & Julie Strange discussed ways you could reach out and maximize your communication experience, personally, professionally, and at your library, using Twitter. In their presentation, “Tweet What? 6 Sweet Ways to Connect in 140 Characters or Less” they suggest: 1. use it for reference / 2. customer service / 3. broadcast news & events / 4. seek feedback / 5. professional network / 6. harness the hive (knowledge, Q&A)
  • Battle Decks – spinoff from Pres4Lib. Contestants gave spontaneous presentations using slides they’d never seen. All were exciting, informative, and fun! Seenhere: Amy Buckland (Battle Deck winner); other contestants were: David Lee King, Nancy Dowd, Greg Schwartz, Michael Porter.
  • Other great sessions --- 1. When students go mobile: Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki discussed smart phone competencies against the 2000 ACRL Information Literacy Standards; and Kristine Ferry, Holly Tomren, Lisa Sibertfrom UC Irvine discussed their work collecting and cataloging mobile resources and applications at UC Irvine and shared examples of apps and described how they are cataloging mobile resources. --- 2. Persuasion, Influence & Innovative Ideas: Rebecca Jones from Jones & Dysart & Nicole Henning, Web Mgr & Usability Specialist at MIT Libraries (who also gave a winning PechaKuchatalk “Innovation Smoothies”). --- 3. Closing Keynote – Bluff the Internet Librarian, Mobile Gadgets & Apps. Game show featuring Mobile Gadget experts Megan K. Fox, Barbara Fullerton, Joe Murphy & audience contestants; hosted by:Aaron Schmidt & Jenny Levine.
  • IL2009: Getting, Being, Staying Connected. We rely on each other to navigate change, learn, gain new skills, and adapt to new modes & methods of librarianship.
  • Photo credits:Slide 4: Monday Keynote: Paul Holdengraber Interviews Vint Cerf 6: Library 101 Button Selection 7: Library 101 8:Amy Kearns & Julie Strange 9: Rockin Battle Decks other photos © Lisa Carlucci Thomas
  • Internet Librarian 2009 Conference Recap @ METRO

    1. 1. Internet Librarian 2009Conference Recap @ METRO<br />Lisa Carlucci Thomas<br />November 9, 2009<br />
    2. 2. #IL2009 Goals<br />
    3. 3. “Net Initiatives for Tough Times”<br />
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    12. 12. Thank you!<br />Lisa Carlucci Thomas<br /><br />
    13. 13. References<br />Photo credits:<br />Slide 4: Monday Keynote: Paul Holdengraber Interviews Vint Cerf<br /><br />Slide 6: Library 101 Button Selection<br /><br />Slide 7: Library 101<br /><br />Slide 8:Amy Kearns & Julie Strange<br /><br />Slide 9: Rockin Battle Decks<br /><br />All other photos © Lisa Carlucci Thomas<br /><br />