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Dynamic Duos, Innovative Teams


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Keynote presented at 2014 ILLiad International Conference. Virginia Beach, VA. March 19, 2014.

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Dynamic Duos, Innovative Teams

  1. 1. Dynamic Duos, Innovative Teams ILLiad International 2014 Lisa Carlucci Thomas @lisacarlucci
  2. 2. Dynamic Duos “If a person, place, or thing is energetic and active, then it's dynamic.” “When things are dynamic, there's a lot going on.” “When things are dynamic, changes and energy are in the air.”
  3. 3. Dynamic Duos • “Dynamic Duo was the alliterative name given to Batman and Robin in the 60s television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Duo means a pair, and dynamic means energetic or action-oriented. ” (Yahoo Answers) • “A very special pair of people or things.” (
  4. 4. Dynamic Duos • What makes a duo “dynamic?” • How can these relationships enhance our work on a micro or macro level? • Each information exchange, transaction, interaction is a creative opportunity
  5. 5. Identifying Duos • Service Duo – One (experienced/knowledgeable/skilled) partner provides a service to another – Transfer of information or expertise to meet the need of the partner; may be peers – One partner gains, but the other doesn’t lose – Example: Internal customers, Library/Faculty
  6. 6. Identifying Duos • Collaborative Duo – Both partners have equal information, share/combine to create new information – Both partners gain – Examples: Peer/Peer, Library/Faculty, Musicians/Producers, Artists/Curators
  7. 7. Identifying Duos • Level-Up Duo – One partner has more authority, power, status, experience, prestige, etc – One partner learns from, apprentices, increases knowledge from the duo – Both partners gain – Examples: Mentor/ Mentee, Faculty/Student
  8. 8. Identifying Duos • Are there other types of dynamic duos? • Identifying Duos – Informs interactions – Helps you keep creative channels open – Consider what you can learn/create in your duos
  9. 9. Dynamic Duos • Duos are greater than the sum of the parts • Not all duos last forever (many don’t) • Duos are the heart of networked relationships
  10. 10. What If… We could expand and enhance these creative, energetic connections? Exponentially.
  11. 11. “A graphical representation of one person’s network neighborhood on Facebook.” Cameron Marlow/Facebook
  12. 12. Duos & Nodes & Networks
  13. 13. Networks: Concrete or Abstract • “Networks can be abstract or concrete and humans have the perceptual ability, as it were, to morph between the two.” • “A traveler looks down at a crossroads marked on the abstract network of a map and then up at the signpost that establishes it as the same crossroads in a concrete network of roads.” Abstract Networks: “describe what is supposed or proposed to exist” = “what’s in your head” Concrete Networks: “what exists” = actual, IRL
  14. 14. The Internet and Pets
  15. 15. Small World: Watts/Strogatz DUNCAN WATTS
  16. 16. Six Degrees KEVIN BACON
  17. 17. Network Relationships • “Embedded” ties signal: closeness, many mutual friends, time together, interactions • “The key structural feature used in these analyses is the notion of embeddedness — the number of mutual friends two people share, a quantity that typically increases with tie strength.”
  18. 18. Network Relationships “Certain important types of strong ties … connect us to people who belong to multiple parts of our social neighborhood, producing a set of shared friends that is not simply large but also diverse…” #dispersion
  19. 19. Tweets tagged #Oscar2014 (50 seconds after Ellen’s selfie tweet) - 3/2/2014
  20. 20. p9m4I/AAAAAAAAAEo/QimGYHScqz4/s400/Tip pingPoint%2BTheSocialMediaNetwork.jpg
  21. 21. Discuss • Who’s your Dynamic Duo? – At work? – At Professional Events? – Elsewhere? • How do these duos and networks facilitate the development of new INNOVATIVE ideas? – Telephone? – Tipping Point?
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Dynamic Duos, Innovative Teams ILLIAD International 2014 Lisa Carlucci Thomas @lisacarlucci March 19, 2014