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What causes heart attack(in french attaque cardiaque)


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What causes heart attack(in french attaque cardiaque)

  1. 1. On avoiding a heart attackAll over the world, it has been observed that persons do not get sufficient sleep, most researchershave concluded that the heart is supposed to be resting when it is above 70 beats per minute(bpm) increasing your risk of dying of a heart attack, by at least 78 percent. Why not take thenecessary precautions required in order to improve your odds.Try and attack your cardioIt is essential to run, any time better than jogging, considered one of the best exercise routines,to increase your hearts immunity, thereby reducing the number of heartbeats that you need inorder to achieve the desired blood flow. An attempt can be made to increase the hearts strokevolume, the amount of blood that is pumped with each heartbeat, by about 10 percent, butslower, sustained running has no effect on the same. It is advisable to have a 4 minute run at 90percent of your maximum heart rate, then make another attempt to jog for 3 minutes at 70percent. Get that sound sleep The slightest sound that startles you in your sleep, can certainly create a havoc on your heart rate. On each noise-induced, it is but natural that the heart rate spikes at an average of 13 bpm. The consumption of 1 gram fish-oil capsule tends to reduce the resting heart rate. Other Risk Factors inducing a heart attack Several factors lead to the trauma of a heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque), including smoking, diabetes, age-risk, for men above 45 and the women above 55 years, a high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, the family history of a heart attack, lack of exercise, stressand obesity.Various ways of avoiding the heart attackUnder any circumstances, it is very important to always first consult your family physician, toknow and understand thoroughly, what are the precautions you need to undertake in order toavoid falling a prey to the much-dreaded disease. First and foremost, it is important to get rid ofall those addictive habits including the one of smoking or the intake of excessive alcoholic drinksintake conjointly causes heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque). It is crucial to follow aproper diet and a well-balanced diet regime; include vegetable and fruits in your healthy diet. Itbecomes a must to control your sugar levels, if you are a diabetic, in case of high blood pressure,reduce on your intake of sodium, cut back on foods high in saturated fats, most importantly, ifyou are overweight, a good work-out is extremely essential in order to reduce the chances of theagonizing effects after having a heart attack.
  2. 2. Heart attack and heart failure occur due to several reasonsAn individual suffers from heart attack due to several reasons. The heart pumps blood to thewhole body. The primary function of arteries in the body is to provide the body with blood.However there are certain cases when there is a lack of oxygen to the muscle and as a result theoxygen supply is suspended and the muscle degenerates.The reasons for heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque) are many. Over the course of timethere is a deposition of plaque near the artery and the channel through which blood flows isnarrowed. Cholesterol in our body leads to the deposition of plaque and eventually solidifies tobecome calcium deposits. If the arteries become narrow then it becomes extremely difficult forthe heart to pump blood to the whole body. Our legs and hands often ache when it does notreceive adequate blood supply. In a similar way our heart muscle also tends to suffer when itdoes not get blood. The pain which erupts all of sudden is known as angina.The plaque buildup as stated earlier often leads to a smallclot which often hinders the smooth flow of blood. As a resultthe heart suffers as a result of this. Whether supply of bloodis hindered for a certain period of time the muscle often dieswhich eventually leads to a heart attack.The cardiovascular system is damaged in a heart failure. Heartfailure is often characterized by inadequate supply of bloodand also retention of fluids. It leads to injury of the heart andalso heart failure.Heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque) also occurs due to our functioning of the lungsand also depends on the circulation of our body. Hypertension, vascular disease, or diabetes couldalso be one of the causes for heart attack. Heart failure is a common disorder in humans and isalso caused due to our fast paced lifestyle.When there is a heart failure there is often fluid retention in the kidneys which ultimately leads tosalt water in the lungs .Symptoms of heart failure in the early stages are of shortness of breathextreme fatigue and an inability to exercise. A individual with heart failure often fails tounderstand the problem in most of the cases. However the problems like shortness of breath canoccur during exercising which can be taken as one of the symptom of heart failure. So takeoutmost caution when you notice any symptoms.
  3. 3. Symptoms of congestive heart failureThe congestive heart failure occurs when the heart is not pumping enough of blood efficiently.One must note that such an inability of the heart would cause hazardous results to the life of aperson .The result is that the body organs would lack oxygen, nutrients and blood for properfunctioning. The symptoms of congestive heart failure includes irregular heartbeat, shortness ofbreath, nausea coughing with phlegm, wheeze, trouble to concentrate or focus on something,fluid retention which might cause weight gain. These apparent symptoms would not show upwhile the person is resting but it might show up when the person affected by heart failure doesany kind of strenuous exercise. The blood pressure goes down and the body which wants to make up for the lost blood volume would show w up various signals and signs to retrieve the loss. Retrieval is mainly done by retaining water. T he heart also has got that tendency to beat fast in this situation while its muscles stretch and the ventricles expand allowing frequent and excess blood flow through them. This is certainly not enough because this affected heart would not be pumping enough of required blood to all the organs of the body. The required treatment must be taken by the patient with a doctor who would advise the patient to follow strict medications, regular exercise and a very strict diet –routine .Congenital heart attack, coronary arterydisease, faulty heart valves, high and constant blood pressure are some of the symptoms whichmight lead to heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque). It must be understood that insome people the heart failure sticks on for life and they must be under the careful and persistentobservation of a cardiologist. There are many online resources like the internet which cautionsboth men and women of all ages the hazards of heart attack.The heart needs to stay healthy and for that it is vital to go for a 30 minute regular walk and ifthe time spent on exercise is increased then also the troubles due to heart attack (In Frenchattaque cardiaque) can be widely decreased in any person’s body .The regular and properintake of medical supplements is also essential .Vitamin D deficiency has caused many problemsto the heart and the intake of its supplements would enable an efficient functioning of heart.Magnesium, Ribose and Psyillum fiber are all the varied minerals required to cure congestiveheart dysfunction. CONTACT VDM Group S.A. Houten Schoen 24 9100 Sint-Niklaas Belgique